Start-Up Innovates Medical Record Access

Kyle Anderson, CEO of PHR Plus, is on a mission to innovate the health and medical information industry. Patient information and records are spread across multiple locations and platforms, and PHR Plus provides a solution for efficient access to this information. “Our software platform brings all of your health and medical information into one place… offering a more efficient and effective health care experience for the patients and healthcare providers,” explained Anderson.

Farm to Healthcare

Anderson considered himself an entrepreneur at an early age. Shortly after graduating high school in Grygla, Minnesota, his father was presented with an opportunity to double the size of the family farming business. “I offered to step up and help in the expansion of our farm… I learned so much about economies of scale, technology on the farm and other efficiencies,” shared Anderson.

Throughout the expansion of the family farm, Anderson attended North Dakota State University studying pre-med and business. After graduating from NDSU, Anderson returned home to Grygla and opened an agriculture services and sales agency with his brother-in-law. “I enjoyed the business industry… but my passion has always been in the healthcare industry,” shared Anderson. After selling his share of the business, Anderson and his family moved to Arizona for future career opportunities.

While in Arizona, Anderson found medical experience working in an emergency department as a medical scribe. Anderson observed first-hand the challenges physicians and patients faced when medical records were difficult to access. “Obtaining medical information could delay healthcare for patients, and I knew that this stressor could be fixed with technology,” said Anderson. This job experience combined with the family experience of losing his grandmother to a preventable medical interaction drove Anderson to launch PHR Plus.

PHR Plus

The goal of PHR Plus is to centralize all health and medical records for patients. A process that can take hours is now possible with a click of a button. In February 2015,
Anderson was connected with Mark Conner, and the two co-founded PHR Plus. “With help from the Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation in Phoenix, we got off the ground and acquired another start-up and began offering our platform to wellness and insurance programs,” explained Anderson.

In late 2016, Anderson moved his family and the PHR Plus headquarters to Fargo, North Dakota. The company has benefited from the North Dakota Development Fund for capital resources for future growth. “We have been welcomed with open arms in Fargo… I was worried about relocating, but I quickly found that this community is thriving with entrepreneurial and technology support,” said Anderson.

The current PHR Plus platform is a subscription model with a free membership and a paid premium membership. “Our platform is for everyone, but it will most likely be offered by an employer, life insurance or other company,” explained Anderson. The price is $2 a month ($20 per year) per person on the PHR Plus software. Information is gathered from hospital visits, pharmacies, dentists, doctor visits, and any other location the patient provides. Through the use of an API and other cloud-based integrations, the PHR Plus platform consolidates the medical records in one place. In the near future, a mobile app will be created with the same services as the cloud-based product.

Learn more from Kyle Anderson and PHR Plus as he speaks at 1 Million Cups Fargo on Wednesday, October 25th, 2017 at 9:15 a.m. at The Stage at Island Park.

Brent McNeal