Emily Williams-Wheeler, of Studio e, plans to express the importance of being bold at 1 Million Cups Fargo on October 2nd. Join her at the Buffalo Court in West Acres Mall at 9:15 a.m. 


Meet Emily

Emily Williams-Wheeler, the owner of Studio e and full-time professional artist, first attended Iowa State University with big plans to become an engineer but graduated with distinction from the College of Design in Interior Design. She only took two art electives, calligraphy and ceramics, while in college so most of her artistic talents were self-taught. Emily provides a broad spectrum of services including teaching creative thinking and art enrichment classes to children, leading workshops, and produces paintings, sculptures, and more. Emily loves art but has a huge soft spot for dogs. Most of the time, she notices a person’s dog before she notices them! 


About Studio e

Studio e was founded in the Spring of 2006 due to the unhappiness she found in a job of personal selling. She didn’t enjoy the cold phone calls and finding new clients so she quit and that’s when she started offering art classes in her home to children. In just two weeks she had 13 students. Now she teaches over 50 students a week in nine different classes. She started selling her artwork in 1993 through art shows but has evolved to being found internationally, in residences, medical facilities, elementary schools, and public installations like the West Acres Mall. Her mission with Studio e is “to bring artwork and color to the world. Color is one of the most invigorating and mood-altering element of art. I do that through all my paintings and sculptures as well as by bringing the world of art to children. My studio environment is so relaxing for anyone who comes to it. The children enjoy it mostly because it’s not school, church, home, but a no-strings-attached place to create.” Not only does her classes help children now, but Emily also explains, “These are the future leaders and I feel that my art/creative thinking classes will be a great component in growing children who can be excellent problem solvers.” 


Event Details

Emily plans to talk about the importance of being bold at 1 Million Cups Fargo on Wednesday, October 2nd. If you would like to attend Emily’s talk, join her at the Buffalo Court in the West Acres Mall in Fargo, North Dakota. This is located outside of where Herbergers used to be. The talk will still take place from 9:15 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. Emily thinks it’s important to speak at events like 1 Million Cups because she believes there are “great opportunities to be in a cottage industry, but no one is an island and it takes a team to make it work. I have a quote above my desk from the book, “The Goldfinch.” The character, Welty, says, “The world won’t come to me. I must go to it.” When a person starts out on their own, no one is going to just walk in and just find their product, their skills, their ideas. They have to go to the world and show it what they’ve got.” 


If you’d like to see more of what Emily’s got, check out her art and children art classes websites. If you’d like to follow along with all the great things she’s up to like her art and classes Facebook pages. She also has a Twitter and Instagram

Emily Avdem

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