Almost a hundred entrepreneurs, designers, developers, community builders, and other interested Fargo locals filled CoCo Fargo last Wednesday evening, September 24, for Emerging Prairie’s Startup Drinks event. The event, organized by Emerging Prairie, serves to provide “a chance for folks interested in innovation to come together, share ideas, and have a few laughs,” according to the Startup Drinks description.

“It’s for business folks, it’s for artists, it’s for anyone who wants to be part of the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Annika Nynas of Emerging Prairie. “It brings all of us together.”

Nearly a hundred people filled CoCo Fargo on Sep. 24 for Start Up Drinks.

Nearly a hundred people filled CoCo Fargo on Sep. 24 for Startup Drinks.

In the front lounge, wine and soda were sold, and back in the blue kitchen, Mama Jean and her crew from Z!ng had a variety of vegan appetizers set up including chips and three different kinds of hummus, bread with sun-dried tomato paste, and two desserts which Mama Jean claims she just “made-up” in the kitchen: toast with a cinnamon rub topped with red beets and mint, and a wonton wrapper filled with raspberry compost and drizzled with dark chocolate.

“I wanted to get creative,” Mama Jean said, as people grabbed seconds and thirds.


Z!ng provided a wide array of vegan cuisine, including a dessert of cinnamon rubbed toast with red beets and mint.

Besides enjoying these tasty treats, all who gathered had the opportunity to converse with both familiar and new faces and talk about what’s going on in the community.

“I go to startup drinks to get the pulse of the Fargo entrepreneurial community,” said Jake Oliverson, a marketing writer for Myriad Mobile. “I love finding out what everyone is up to. Whether it’s catching up with some of my designer friends or meeting a new startup owner, every interaction is unique. Plus the great food and drink is always a bonus!”

Stay tuned to catch our next Startup Drinks event, which will be announced on our events page! We hope to see you there.

All photos taken by Marisa Jackels.

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