In 2010, Heat Transfer Warehouse was founded in Fargo, North Dakota and is today the leading wholesale online supplier of heat transfer materials. The secret of Heat Transfer Warehouse’s success goes further than the point of sale. The heartbeat of this Fargo-based company is the emphasis of core values that produce a strong workplace culture and connection to the community. “Connection, healthy living, embracing change, teamwork, dedication are the core values of our company… We offer high-quality products with outstanding customer service, but the story I love to tell, and not many people know, is the impact of our team service the community and making our city a better place to live,” said co-owner Tricia Huson. “Our values go beyond the four walls of our office.”


Culture of Teamwork

Although the Heat Transfer offices are in Las Vegas, Cincinnati, Fargo, and Jacksonville, there are characteristics and values that connect this team of employees.  Pop-up culture and brain breaks are a weekly occurrence organized by the leadership and employee team at all of the locations. Along with monthly themed events (Curling, FM RedHawks, Cincinnati Bengals games, renting boats on the Colorado River), Heat Transfer Warehouse also brings together the entire staff across all offices to Fargo at the annual party which is the highlight of the entire year. “The culture at Heat Transfer Warehouse is what makes it a great place to work,” explained Samantha Normandin, “I feel like we all have the motto of ‘work hard, play hard’ and that is how we have accomplished so much with all aspects such as growth, charity events and helping out all of our team members whether it is work related or personal. The reason I love coming to work everyday is not because of what I do, but rather who I work with.”

Working in Fargo, employees interact with fellow canine office mates, Kali and Lucy. 


Community Connection

As an industry-leading heat transfer materials company, the often untold story is their connection to the community. In fact, the relationship between the Fargo office and McKinley Elementary School can elicit tears from the hardest heart.  Every year, Heat Transfer Warehouse helps fulfill a need whether it is jackets and hats in the winter, food for the students to take home, or new technology for the classrooms. On an ongoing basis, employees regularly read with kindergartners.  “Every Friday, our Kindergarten students are so excited to spend time reading with the Heat Transfer Warehouse team,” said kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Derby of McKinley Elementary School in Fargo. “We love seeing the positive relationships the students are building with our friends from Heat Transfer Warehouse and the students love the one-on-one time with caring, attentive adults.”


The connection to the community continues beyond the relationship with McKinley Elementary School. The goal for the company is for all of their employees in all of their locations to give back to the community. Since 2010, the Heat Transfer team has collaborated with the Fargo Autism Center, hosted blood drives in the office parking lot, served at nursing homes, participated in charity walks, volunteered with the Great Plains Food Bank, and so much more. “We strive to create positive communication and experiences with all who we are in association with. This entails not only building relationships within our team and our customers, but also with our community” explained Brendon Ranagan, “One of our core values is Connection. Our core values are to foster our overall mission: To ensure everyone has the access and knowledge to explore the endless possibilities. Serving our local communities allow us to truly exhibit our company mission, which really makes me proud to be apart of such a wonderful team.”

On the outside, Heat Transfer Warehouse is showing off its industry-leading products. Behind the scenes, the company is built upon strong values that connect the entire team together to make a big impact in the communities where they exist. As a partner to the community and Emerging Prairie, Heat Transfer Warehouse is making an impact as a company embedded into the fabric of the community.  “We are committed to making our community the best place to live. Whether we partner with the school we pass on our daily run or the blood drive we host at our office, we want our team to make a positive lasting impression on our world,” said co-owner Kirk Anton.

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