That’s a wrap! The last Startup Drinks (SUDs) of 2014 was held this past Wednesday, December 17, marking it as our 15th Startup Drinks ever. Over 80 people gathered at CoCo Fargo, enjoying apps like bruschetta, wild rice, and chocolate truffles provided by Oven Door.

SUDs Oven Door

And of course, libations. This month the event was sponsored by Fredrikson & Byron, and in the holiday spirit they provided free Tom and Jerry Christmas cocktails in addition to the beer and wine cash bar.

A Tom and Jerry cocktail, devised in the 1820’s by British journalist Pierce Egan, is a mixture of eggnog, brandy, and rum, and served hot with a dash of nutmeg on top.

SUDs Tom and Jerry

Throughout the night, CoCo co-founder Don Ball could be seen with his phone in the air snapping photos. He managed to get some good ones of all the merry-making. Take a  look!

SUDs DEc 2014


SUDsAmong the attendees was a group of girls from Fargo South High School who are working on their DECA project, promoting entrepreneurship at their highschool (Read their full story here!). They spoke about how their final conference event is underway, where they hope to give other high school students tours of local startup companies. They said they were happy to be able to attend Startup Drinks and see the community they’ve been missing at 1 Million Cups (which will start again in January).

Many that night said they were newcomers, attending a Startup Drinks event for the first time. They all gave positive feedback, looking around at all the people and saying things like, “I had no idea an event like this existed.”

Now you know! Our hope here at Emerging Prairie is that those who come can continue to spread the word. We’ve seen countless partnerships and friendships emerge from events like Startup Drinks, that allow people from all sectors of the community to come and spend an evening together.


Our next Startup Drinks will be held on January 22, at the Super Studio. Be sure not to miss it!

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