Need to convince your boss to let you take July 25th off of work?

Check out the top 5 reasons to attend TEDxFargo:


1. Get Inspired

Do you feel like you’re doing the same thing every day?  TEDxFargo is the perfect way to break free and hear plenty of new ideas from Betsy Fore’s talk about discovering your inner why, all the way to a talk about ugly produce!  We are certain you will find something that tugs your heartstrings, makes you laugh, or inspires you to try something new.


2. Learn Something New

Grab your notebook and pen! At TEDxFargo our wide range of speakers will share plenty of new information. We have two high school students passionate about AI, the Director of the Space Development Agency, founders of various companies, educators, and people working in agriculture! Last year, we even had Thomas Dambo talk about the Fine Art of Dumpster Diving. There is knowledge everywhere, and this is the perfect place to find it.


3. Network

The goal of TEDxFargo is to spark conversation, connection, and community! Between sessions, we will have several breaks for attendees to get up, stretch, and network. We also have food trucks providing lunch, so you can eat lunch with all of your new friends!


4. No Agenda

We aren’t trying to campaign, sell, or convince you of anything. The TEDxFargo stage is simply a place to share big ideas and engage in meaningful conversations.


5. Be in a Positive Environment

Even if networking isn’t your thing, simply surrounding yourself with other people who are curious and have ideas to share can have a huge impact. Inspiration is in the air!


Grab your ticket!

PLUS: if you get a group of 5+ together, save on fees and book group tickets by emailing Natalie Lemnus.


Avery Nelson