After 5 years of business, Bismarck-based web service startup Todaymade has been acquired by Agency MABU.

MABU is a full-service marketing, management, and multimedia company with offices in Bismarck, ND and Fredericksburg, VA.


Agency MABU’s acquisition of Todaymade includes operational and intellectual assets such as the trade name, corporate website, a proprietary content management system called TodayCMS, and over 50 hosted websites serving organizations, both large and small, throughout the region.  The price of the acquisition is being kept confidential.

“This acquisition is a win-win for both organizations,” said MABU President Mike Mabin, who founded the agency in 2001.  “It allows Todaymade’s team to focus on building their CoSchedule product, while it allows MABU to build upon its strength of providing leading-edge web development and strategic marketing solutions.”

The acquisition does not include a transfer of any employees from Todaymade to MABU. Instead, the eight Todaymade employees – three in Fargo, five in Bismarck – will transition to new positions on the CoSchedule team.


The Coschedule team

CoSchedule is a marketing software company that Todaymade originally started in 2013. Since launch, CoSchedule has grown to include more than 5,000 customers in more than 80 different countries.

They recently announced that they are nearly tripling in size and opened new offices in Fargo.  The transfer of Todaymade employees will bring the CoSchedule team to nearly 30 team members.

“I think this will help us realize the growth we already had planned,” said CoSchedule/Todaymade co-founder, Garrett Moon. “We’re looking forward to being a unified CoSchedule team in 2016.”


The Todaymade team

Moon said that when they started Todaymade, he and co-founder Justin Walsh always imagined they’d be involved in a product company. Moving full time to CoSchedule, he said, just “makes sense.”

“Selling it wasn’t always on the plan, but it just seemed like the right timing for CoSchedule to take that team and for us as founders to put even more of our time and energy into CoSchedule,” he said. “For CoSchedule, it’s a huge win.”

For some employees, it’s almost a sigh of relief. Shannon Wiedman, Creative Director at Todaymade, expressed how cumbersome it was to explain she worked for Todaymade, not CoSchedule.

“When people are all confused I just wanted to say I work for CoSchedule because they’re so cool,” Wiedman said with a laugh. “We’ve seen the growth in CoSchedule, and we’re all really excited to be able to work on something that cool.”

Wiedman will be moving to the position of UI/UX Design Lead, and will go through an onboarding process for CoSchedule along with her teammates. During the transition, she said, they will continue to ensure Todaymade’s clients are “in a good spot.”

Other clients will be transferred to Onsharp, Inc., a digital marketing and custom development company in Fargo.

Although CoSchedule is inheriting new team members, Moon said they are “still hiring like crazy.”

Photos courtesy of Garrett Moon.

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