Startup founders both in Fargo and elsewhere, this one is for you. Here are a few programs open for application (with upcoming deadlines!) that offer an opportunity to present or grow your startup in a new way. Whether it be by incubator or competition, here’s two ways you can apply and potentially take your startup to the next level:

Accelerating Agri-Tech Innovation

Deadline to apply: June 17


What it is:

A 15-week accelerator  focused on agriculture related startups, that begins Aug. 15, 2016 and will culminate with a Demo Day on Nov. 17.

  • Mentorship driven cohort-based program focused on early-stage concepts
  • Market channel access to large-scale farmers, agribusiness & food companies
  • $50,000 in pre-seed equity investment
  • Access to labs, field trial sites, machine shop and food incubator

The AgLaunch Accelerator led by Memphis Bioworks will select up to six companies among the applicants to begin an intense 15 week accelerator program from August 15th until November 17th. The accelerator will focus on a range of technologies, including precision agriculture, robotics, automation, biologic-based pest control, specialty crops, equipment modifications, food ingredients, food safety, reduction of food waste, water/input efficiencies and innovations in the supply chain. Of particular interest are startups that address major problems in agriculture, such as herbicide-resistant weeds, spray drift, water management, supply chain integrity, and soil health.

Participating investor groups include: Closed Loop Capital, Cultivate Ventures, Cultivian Sandbox Ventures, Fall Line Capital, Innova Memphis, Monsanto Growth Ventures and Syngenta Ventures.
For more information click HERE.
To apply click HERE.

Tech.Co Annual Startup of the Year Competition

Deadline to apply: July 1

What it is:
Tech news publication Tech.Co has an annual competition in which they gather speakers and startups from around the United States to pitch their work.


Tech.Co will only accept companies that have received less than $3M in funding, are fewer than 4 years old, and have a tangible, live product/service that we can see (it can’t just be a business plan).
Need to be willing to travel to San Jose for the finals at Celebrate 2016 (9/20-9/22).
More info and application link at their FAQ page.
A Note to Fargo startups:
The Greater Fargo-Moorhead Economic Development Corporation has funded teams in the past to attend the conference, previously held in Las Vegas. John Machacek emphasized that if cost is an issue, please reach out to him at
If you wish to speak with past attendees, they were Booth/Codelation, Medytex, Botlink and Sky Blue Technology.

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If you’re struggling with ways to follow-up after the initial buzz of getting off the ground, these are just a few ways to get more visibility as well as potential access to capital.

 Plus, just plain fun.


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