It may be a little late in the game to do Christmas shopping, but there’s some techie gadgets that came out this year that deserve a mention. Here’s just a few of the top gadgets from 2015 that we’d love to see under the tree.

1. The Closest Thing To A Lightsaber


Whether you bought advance tickets to see Star Wars or not, it’s hard to argue the coolness of a lightsaber. While a true lightsaber doesn’t (currently) exist, YouTuber Sufficiently Advanced recently created what might possibly be the closest thing in existence.

The device looks like a lightsaber, but in practice it’s more of a flamethrower. It uses butane as a propellant to fire out a jet of flaming methanol/acetone mix. The result is not even a fraction as powerful as a real lightsaber…but it looks pretty dang awesome (and can at least set some things on fire). Take alook:


2. Experience Virtual Reality with Google Cardboard

Human teleportation may not be possible (yet)… but virtual reality is. And now, it’s even more affordable with Google Cardboard, a $20-$23 set-up using your smartphone to create a makeshift VR headset. It may not be as fancy shmancy as the Oculus Rift, but it’s a start – and it sure is fun.


3. Create what you want with a 3D Printer


For those willing to dish out a little more money, a 3D Printer is an awesome way to turn imaginative ideas into reality. Check out this list for some useful things you can 3D print.

Printers range from the affordable and simple, like the UP! Mini, to the pro, like the Makergear M2.Or, you can always build your own.


4. A Barcode scanner alarm clock that forces you out of bed.

bar code alarm clock

It’s all too easy to hit the snooze button and lay back down in bed. Not so with the Barcode Alarm Clock for iPhones! The only way to shut this baby off is to scan a bar code on your toothpaste or other morning item – you decide. As Popular Mechanices commented, “By the time you’re holding the toothpaste… there’s no turning back.” (Just don’t start keeping your toothpaste near your phone.) Download it free, here!


These are just a few of the many, many awesome gadgets out there from 2015. (Check out more here and here). Regardless of what you find in your stocking, we’re wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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Marisa Jackels