It’s that time again. The time where we yell and throw firecrackers and drink champagne at midnight. The time where we watch the clock tick ever onwards, and realize how much can happen in 365 days. And of course, the time where we look back on who we were this past year, and make some goals to reach who we want to be. Those infamous New Year’s resolutions.

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I say infamous because New Year’s resolutions are stereotypically made and broken year after year. So let’s start with an important disclaimer. Resolutions on making one’s life better should be made as often as possible. In fact, ideally, “New Year’s resolutions” should be made every morning. Before we get out of bed. New Day’s resolutions, if you will.

But with that said, using the coming of a new year to self-evaluate our lifestyle, our work, our relationships and set goals for the future, is a good and healthy thing to do. So as you take the time to compose some goals for 2015, we wanted to share with you some of our own. Apple Watch

Miguel Danielson, co-founder of Emerging Prairie and founder of Danielson Legal, says he resolves to buy an Apple Watch. He won’t have to wait long to fulfill this resolution – the Apple Watch is slotted to be released in Spring 2015.

In regards to Emerging Prairie, Mr. Danielson – who opened up a Startup House in Fargo this year – says that he “resolves to help twice as many startups and reach three times as many people as we did in 2014.

Jake JoraanstadMyriad Mobile and Emerging Prairie co-founder Jake Joraanstad has a keyword to his resolutions, and that word is focus.

“I resolve to focus in 2015,” he said. “Focus on my close friends, family, and my business. I’m excited about focusing.”

As for Emerging Prairie, he says, “I hope that we can get the details of running a business out of the way and focus on our community we have in Fargo, serving it well.”

Fellow Emerging Prairie teammate Jenna Galegher, who spent a good portion of this year on a sailboat and started up the NDSU sailing team, composed a neat list of four ways she wants to make 2015 even better than the last: “take more risks, laugh more, love more, and take better care of myself with exercising and nutrition.”Farmers Market

Annika Nynas, lead event planner for Emerging Prairie, resolves to see greater activity with Farmers Markets in Fargo- something I think we can all get behind. Who doesn’t like farmers markets?

Personally, she said, she wants to make more time to meditate. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Emerging Prairie co-founder Greg Tehven has had quite the year. If he wasn’t in Fargo he was anywhere from Las Vegas, Nevada to Bangalore, India, and everywhere in between. He composed a list for his New Year’s resolutions:

1. Go back to the basics. Write more thank you cards.
2. Commit to less. Try to be present, focused, and available. Trying to remove the rush from my days so I can be present and engaged.
3. Play more ping-pong. I’m sure there is a study somewhere that would say it is good for my health.

Ping PongIn fact, Mr. Tehven, ping-pong is considered a “brain sport” according to an article titled “The Top Ten Reasons to Play Table Tennis.” It can help with not only fitness and mental ability, but sleep patterns as well. Maybe we should all resolve to have a little more ping-pong in our lives.

As for Emerging Prairie’s financial and spreadsheet master, Sam Jacobs, he looks forward to seeing Emerging Prairie continue to be recognized and grow as a business, and to being a part of the largest TEDx Fargo to date.

Oh, and he’s also resolved to steal the Sandy’s Donuts Pistachio Muffin recipe. Look out, Sandy’s.

As for myself, my main resolution is to read more. A book every two weeks is what I’m aiming for at the moment.

But as for Emerging Prairie, my resolution involves some help from you. I would love to have more interaction between our articles and our readership. Which means, dear readers, please feel free to comment below. We love to hear your thoughts and feedback.

Share with us – what are some of your New Years’ resolutions for 2015?

Thank you, and happy new year! Cheers, to a brand new year.

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