Elinor Specialty CoatingsWith another surge in attendance, 1 Million Cups Fargo is on the way to reaching its end goal of connecting the Fargo community with literally one million cups of coffee, and the conversations continue to impress. Last Wednesday marked week number four, with 76 Fargo community members showing up to hear Holly Anderson Battocchi’s pitch on Elinor Specialty Coatings. The atmosphere was electric with ideas, excitement and probing questions as Holly discussed the company she and her husband, Dante, created.

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Elinor focuses on creating metal coatings that protect against rust and other types of wear. In a niche market that consists mainly of chromium-based products, Holly and Dante separate their inventions by implementing innovative technology that has resulted in valuable intellectual property. The company’s current product line consists of protectors for bronze, magnesium, and aluminum metals.

While Dante maintains the intellectual property and continuous research and development for their company, Holly expands the business that she hopes will soon add to the industries already represented in the Fargo community. After years of strategizing and connecting with potential coatings customers, the company of two employees has learned how to attract the attention of big clients for future sales. Constant interaction and a refusal to accept rejection have been key in the development of these customer leads. This is a true testament to the company’s allusive motto: Veni. Vidi. Vernici! (Roughly translated, We came. We saw. We coated!).

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Following her six-minute pitch, Holly led a spirited discussion concerning the future of Elinor Specialty Coatings. Community members asked questions about the coating products’ viability in the long term as well as options for new client bases. After the organized portion of the week’s 1 Million Cups event, people continued to connect throughout the main level of the Plains Art Museum, surrounded by beautiful artwork, cups of coffee, and entrepreneurial fervor.

Fortunately for all of you who missed out, 1 Million Cups Fargo is at it again this Wednesday, February 19, at 9:00am in the Plains Art Museum (unless otherwise noted). This week’s main presenter, Courtny Evanson, has recently received recognition as the winner of North Dakota Women’s Startup Weekend 2014. Evanson will be pitching her newly launched business to create and market a special table that helps new mothers with comfortable breast pumping while they relax or sleep. Join us in celebrating her success and continuation of entrepreneurial ideas this Wednesday by registering here. We’ll have coffee on deck, sponsored by intellectual property law firm Danielson Legal, LLC. Be a part of this week’s event so that we can have even more cups of coffee together!


  1. Jake Joraanstad on February 17, 2014 at 4:56 pm

    Holly you did great!

  2. James Van Raden on March 27, 2014 at 2:33 am

    I missed Holly’s presentation but I got the pleasure of meeting her at today’s event. What an AMAZING personality! It was a sheer pleasure to meet Holly & Dante today and also got the chance to learn about HQC and the life saving efforts on their radar!

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