Garret Moon, CEO and co-founder of CoSchedule, is taking lessons learned in content marketing and sharing it with the world in his book, 10x Marketing Formula. The book is the culmination of CoSchedule’s strategy for success over the last 5 years. “We wrote this book because it just didn’t exist, and we needed it to get our own marketing team the results from our marketing efforts… It shares the growth levers we’ve discovered as we matured,” explained Moon.


The Writing Process

The 10x formula was created as a solution to create effective results from content marketing. “We found quality and consistent content wasn’t the promised driver of ROI… What we discovered was the need to develop and refine the content marketing process… with the goal of driving real growth, measurable return, and 10x results,” said Moon. Since honing the 10x Formula, CoSchedule has grown from zero customers to 9,000+, zero email subscribers to 350,000+, and page views from zero to 1.5 million every single month.

As a writer, Moon has composed hundreds of blog posts on the topics within the book. “It was a challenge to bring all of the ideas into a cohesive formula that our readers could actually use.  We were able to refine a lot of the ideas and make them even more valuable for readers,” explained Moon. 10x Marketing Formula is written for anyone looking to gain insight into to building an audience for a business, brand, or passion.

After a 7-month long writing and editing process, the self-published book was released on March 27th, 2018. “We had an amazing group of CoSchedulers managing the process… Big shout outs go to Jordan Loftis (editing and writing assistant), Ashton Hauff (cover design and interior graphics) and Eric Piela (project management, promotion, and wrangler),” said Moon. Since its release, 10x Marketing Formula was ranked #1 on in both the Direct Marketing and Entrepreneurship & Small Business Marketing categories, and still remains a top 5 bestseller.


Reviews and Future

In the publishing process, Moon and the Coschedule team sent out advanced reader copies and received numerous positive reviews. Here is a quote from the book along with two reviews submitted by industry leaders.


“If you teach people to be successful without you, they’ll be dying to be successful with you.” – Garret Moon, 10x Marketing Formula


“A clear-eyed, real-world, no-bunk look at what it takes to make your content marketing program deliver in spades.” – Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs and Best-Selling Author of Everybody Writes


“If you’re an entrepreneur, read this book. If you’re a marketer, read this book. If you’re tired of 10% growth, read this book. The rules have changed and The 10x Marketing Formula is today’s must-read for businesses desperate for real results.” – Ash Maurya, Founder/CEO of Leanstack and Author of Running Lean


Looking to the future, Moon and CoSchedule will likely write more books as the company continues its success in the content marketing industry. “While selling a boatload of books is great, we see the book as a multi-year project to further cement CoSchedule as a leading voice in the industry. The book is already opening the door to new collaborative opportunities with marketing’s premiere thought-leaders, influencers, and brands,” explained Moon.


Learn more from Garret Moon, author of 10x Marketing Formula, as he speaks at 1 Million Cups Fargo on Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 at 9:15 a.m. at The Stage in Island Park.

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