Intern Experience – what is it?

The Intern Experience Program connects Fargo-Moorhead interns to our community and each other. During the eight-week program, interns will learn from community leaders as well as their peers. The program is open to interns working for any organization and provides a meaningful addition to their work experience.

Interns are put into small groups for weekly sessions that focus on developing soft skills, creating connections among the interns, and promoting community involvement. In addition, there are four large-group sessions where interns learn from community leaders.

The curriculum is based on the Social Change Model of Leadership, which views leadership as a process and not a position. It focuses on collaboration and creating positive social change in organizations and communities. The model helps develop greater self-knowledge as well as guiding interns through discussions about their impact on organizations and community.

Cost: $150 per intern/ includes a ticket to TEDxFargo

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5 Reasons you should be a part of the Intern Experience Program:

  1. Opportunities to connect with other interns: #InternLife can be tough, can be trying, and can be confusing. This group can be the peeps who “get” what you’re going through. Plus, this group is kind of fun – so you should hang out outside the sessions too!
  2. Self-knowledge: Understand your talents, values and interests, especially as these relate to your capacity to be effective in your role this summer. Work on developing your soft skills. Learn from your experiences and think about how they play into your longer term goals.
  3. Leadership Skills: Learn the capacity to mobilize oneself and others to serve and work collaboratively. You’ll get to understand what being a leader means becausethe term “leadership” will get thrown around a lot. Like a lot a lot.
  4. Professional Development: Identify and share your strengths, weaknesses, challenges and successes as they relate to your career or industry. Grow professionally and learn from leaders within the community and region at large group learning sessions.
  5. Sense of Community: We want you to think beyond yourself to see how you and the organization(s) you are part of are incorporated into the community. Essentially – how are you making an impact? What legacy are you and your organization leaving?

Join us! Emerging Prairie coordinates the Internship Experience Program to provide learning sessions, leadership opportunities, and community building programming for summer interns. If you have any questions, contact Kelsey Nelson at


Darby Njos