In the late 1970s, Roger Reierson joined the Flint Group marketing team in Fargo, North Dakota. Over its eight decades of existence, Reierson and the Flint Group have established themselves as a proven innovator in the marketing industry. ” Our whole business has transformed with the ever-changing landscape of technology… We constantly answer the question ‘What’s our business going to look like next year?'” explained Reierson.

CEO at 32

Reierson’s journey to CEO of Flint Group began as a golf course manager in Thief River Falls, Minnesota. After receiving a degree in marketing and business, Reierson moved to Arizona for his first marketing job. In 1975, he received a phone call from an advertising agency in Thief River Falls that brought him back to the Western Minnesota region. “I quit my job on a Friday, loaded the car up and headed to Minnesota to start the following Monday… That was the beginning of what has been a fulfilling career that led me to the Flint Group,” said Reierson.

Two years later, the Reierson family began looking at potential cities where his wife could finish her college education while Roger continued work in the marketing industry. Fargo, North Dakota was soon chosen.  Roger began working alongside the 12 employees of Flint Group under the leadership of Harold Flint. “In two short years, Harold decided it was time to transition the company to three of us… later I purchased the majority of the shares. At the ripe old age of 32, I became president and CEO of Flint Group,” explained Reierson.

Successful Marketing

The Flint Group has provided marketing solutions for the past 80 years from their headquarters in Fargo, North Dakota. Today, the Flint Group is a part of a larger umbrella of companies, RR46, which consists of acquisitions, start-ups, and partner businesses to their marketing efforts. These businesses demonstrate the entrepreneurial culture that Reierson and others perpetuate within the company. “We are now about 200 employees and expanding into other start-ups… We hire people that have an entrepreneurial spirit who want to develop in their specialty area. Then, we empower them to go about that task,” said Reierson.

Although the company has received numerous awards (on display in a water trough in the Fargo office), Reierson is proud of his philanthropy work through Flint Group. He is currently the Development Chief in a city in Ghana, Africa. “My work as an entrepreneur is on display as I share the knowledge and skills I have with others… our philanthropy work in Ghana helps with agriculture and education to improve the lives and welfare of the citizens there,” explained Reierson.

After 80 years, the Flint Group still views the city of Fargo as an asset for the growing company. “From college interns to high-quality talent in the area workforce, we have great opportunities for fresh new thinking to add to our staff… If we are able to move someone here, they will fall in love with Fargo,” said Reierson. As the industry demands more concrete evidence of marketing success, the Flint Group is taking full advantage of the talent the region provides, especially as it relates to marketing and data analytics.  

Learn more from Roger Reierson and Flint Group as he speaks at 1 Million Cups Fargo on Wednesday, April 25th, 2018 at 9:15 a.m. at The Stage in Island Park.

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