Blaine1There was a new feature at 1 Million Cups Fargo this past Wednesday morning. The same lively discussion existed, and there was active participation from an audience always on the border of being too large for the venue, but the cups were different. Instead of the standard paper-cup-and-sleeve approach, this week what awaited 1 Million Cups Fargo attendees were trays full of white ceramic cups. New cups aside, conversations at this week’s event focused on Blaine Booher and his company, Clifton Labs.

Amid overwhelmingly positive praise of the Fargo community, Booher described his company as a computer engineering firm with the ability to assist in creating hardware, software, web, and mobile products for businesses. Put simply, this company will solve problems. Clifton Labs consults for businesses throughout the U.S., including in the Midwest, California, and Ohio, its state of origin. Although based in Cincinnati, Booher is now looking to expand Clifton Labs and establish a sister company in Fargo.

Blaine3During his pitch, Booher repeatedly stressed the establishment of trustful relationships with customers as essential to Clifton Labs’ growth. Building professional relationships and accomplishing communicated goals in a timely matter is of the utmost importance in any business setting, and this becomes even more critical in the technological sphere which can occasionally be wrought with miscommunication. As the audience asked its round of pertinent questions, Booher highlighted Clifton Labs’ commitment to providing the best products and services to its clients in this manner.

After Booher’s pitch, discussions broke out among audience members, and all of these interactions were fueled by the ceramic cups of coffee thanks to Danielson Legal, LLC. The new cups might be a small feature, but apart from sustainable practices they represent the permanence that 1 Million Cups Fargo is beginning to maintain within this community. Our next event is Wednesday, February 12, at 9:00am in the Plains Art Museum. Holly Anderson Battocchi, co-founder of Elinor Specialty Coatings, will be speaking about her company’s unique anti-corrosion coating products and research processes, including the use of technology spun out from NDSU through their technology transfer program. As always, coffee will be in abundance. If you would like to register for this event or sign up to pitch a business at a future event, you can do so here.

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