AdamWiedman_hexLocal graphic designer Adam Wiedman has left his role as creative director at Botlink to launch his own design company. The announcement came yesterday, with the launch of  a Wiedman Design Co. website and a post titled, “Thanks and Independence.”

“This July 4th is my own independence day. Independence from employment,” Wiedman writes. “That’s right, I’m taking the plunge. Going solo. Becoming self-employed. Being my own boss. Probably eating ramen for a little while, and I couldn’t be more excited about it.”

Wiedman has established a reputation for himself as a designer in the past months both professionally…and on social media. His parody design of the University of North Dakota’s logo following their name change from “Fighting Sioux” to “Fighting Hawks” went viral last December.

fighting hawks

He was also the chief designer for Emerging Prairie’s Drone Focus 2016 conference, and an organizer of the weekly Drone Focus meet-ups. Design, he said, has always been in his blood, even as a child.

“I remember taking more time designing signage for Kool-aid stands than I probably spent outside actually selling Kool-aid,” he writes.

Now, he’s stepping out to do it on his own, not because corporate life was bad, but because it’s the right next step, he said.

Wiedman’s move comes during a year-long transition for the Botlink team. This year, Botlink’s former vice president of marketing and communications Al Winmill moved on, as well as frontman Shawn Muehler, co-founder and former chief operating officer. Alex Kube, one of the original co-founders, remains on the team as chief technology officer.


As for Wiedman, he’s looking ahead to a fresh start.

“Just like everyone’s favorite 90’s power-pop band Semisonic taught us at bar close, ‘every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end’,” he writes. “And yes, I really just quoted Semisonic.”

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