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Drone Focus Conference 2017

Drone Focus Conference May 31-June 1, 2017 – Save the Date!

Drone Focus Conference is a world-class gathering of UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) and AV (Autonomous Vehicle) experts, professionals, and enthusiasts. Join us in Fargo, North Dakota for an industry conference that focuses on making the right connections. Network with experts, students, enthusiasts and more in a jam-packed 2-day conference and film festival. This year, at DroneFocusCon we are adding industry focused lunches, drone racing, and our first-ever, Drone Focus Film Festival on top of main stage content, workshops, and our student pitch contest.

The event is designed to mesh a series of experiences:


We are bringing together experts from all areas of the unmanned systems spectrum. From drone use in construction to an autonomous vehicle friendly corridor, we will have something for every attendee. Content during the conference varies from quick 4 minutes talks to industry focused lunches. Bottom line, expect an experience that is unlike any other conference in the industry.



You will not spend this conference sitting in a chair. Break periods are woven throughout the event intentionally so that attendees can meet who’s in the room and learn from each other. This is not a conference where the speakers are on-stage and then never to be seen again. Our speakers interact directly with the audience during breaks, lunches and networking parties. Whether you’re in the co-founder dating process or looking for someone else to geek out about drones with, this is the prime time to meet some incredible folks.



What’s the point of a drone conference without getting some live drone action? This year, plans are in the works for drone races, AV demos, and new consumer product launches.


Schedule of Events

May 31st – June 1st: Drone Focus Conference will start early morning on May 31st and wrap up around noon on June 1st.

June 1st: Drone Focus Film Festival will be held following Drone Focus Conference (included with the all-inclusive pass).


History of DroneFocusCon

In any community, there are a number of areas that excel more than others. They are the bright spots that deserve attention and nourishment, to ensure they continue to grow stronger. The drone industry in North Dakota is one of those bright spots. With agriculture as a crucial part of the state’s economy and the most test site area approved by the Federal Aviation Administration, the world has started taking notice that North Dakota really is “The Drone State.” This has resulted in a variety of startups planting stakes in the drone industry, as well as larger industries taking notice of how drones can be used in their companies as well.

Our job with DroneFocusCon is to bring all those people – the industry leaders, the hobbyists, the pilots, the guy who got a drone for his birthday, the student who has an invention for how to make drones better, the futurists predicting we may soon see drones flooding the skies – to bring them all together in a high-energy, highly interactive conference. We want you to meet each other, to know the faces of the people who are energizing this industry in North Dakota.

Last year was the debut of this conference, and it was met with wild success. On June 3, 2015, 130 attendees from all across the country gathered in Fargo ND for the first ever Drone Focus Con. Inaugural event presenters were Bob Becklund, Executive Director of the North Dakota UAS Test Site, Matt Hayes of RDO Technologies, Dr. John Nowatzki, an agricultural machine systems specialist with North Dakota State University, Shawn Muehler and Terri Zimmerman, COO and CEO of Botlink LLC, Jim Sweeney – Fargo Jet Center and Jinger Zeng, co-founder and COO of Las Vegas based startup, Skyworks Aerial Systems.

Take a look at this 2015 re-cap video and click here for details from Drone Focus Con ’16. 

See you there!

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