Emerging Prairie is proud to announce the 2021 Women’s Entrepreneurship Cohort. This cohort seeks to create a community to increase the success of women entrepreneurs and accelerate their growth in the Fargo-Moorhead area.


The Women Entrepreneur Cohort is a 16-week long program that includes training around topics that ensure your startup is being built upon a firm foundation, while preparing you for the next stage of growth. Throughout the duration of the program, the participants will have the opportunity to grow their skills as entrepreneurs and gain valuable assets to help support their business.


The companies that make up the 2021 Women Entrepreneur Cohort include:


  • MCMktg, LLC | Mary Cait McManamon | MCMktg offers marketing services and social media management to female-owned small businesses. Their hope is to take social media off their clients’ plates, helping them focus on growing their businesses and managing the multitude of other tasks that fall on women’s shoulders, both at home and at work. 
  • Doubting Thomas Farms | Noreen Thomas | Doubting Thomas Farms is an organic and humane farm that holds Fargo-Moorhead’s sense of community sacred. 
  • Bismarck Magazine Corporation | Hannah Haynes | Bismarck Magazine Corporation is a local publishing company that currently publishes three magazines for Bismarck and westward for North Dakota. They look to inspire, highlight and help create culture in our community and across the state.
  • Icehouse Fit | Sara Mozingo | Icehouse Fit is a fitness gym with the vision of changing how fitness is done in Fargo. Their ultimate goal is to shift the focus from sick care to health care by helping people relieve pain, move well, and educate them on nutritious eating. 
  • Blue Cypher Bookkeeping | Maddie Schultz | Their mission is to bring bookkeeping into the 21st century. By embracing technology and improving/creating internal processes, Blue Cypher Bookkeeping brings a higher level of quality bookkeeping, detail-focused and future-forward methods and systems for tracking finances.
  • Salt Hill Gallery | Taylor Mertz | Salt Hill Gallery is a Gallery and retail experience offering a thoughtful selection of fine jewelry, art, and an elevated selection of antiques. The gallery will focus on support and an audience for independent artists and jewelers working with environmentally sustainable processes and will promote slow living and reuse of objects with a history.
  • The Beautabode | Penny Burns | Penny’s goal with The Beuatabode is to help women and girls feel at home in their beauty. Through The Beautabode, Penny hopes women who purchase and wear their earrings will get a boost of confidence through looking inward at their strength and power as a human.
  • Do Good Adventures | Debbi Osowski | Do Good Adventures is a soy candle company made of hand-poured 100% soy wax along with phthalate free fragrance oils. All candles burn clean and are environmentally friendly, supporting their mission to inspire others to think good, feel good and do good. 
  • Quirky Co. Consulting | Daniele Haekenkamp | ​Quirky Co. is a community based event planning company focused on working alongside small and medium business owners to create unique & engaging events to fit their needs & grow their business. 
  • RemoteWinBox | Kendra Dujmovic | RemoteWinBox is a SaaS concept; a tool that helps internet service providers, networking consultants, and home-lab enthusiasts reach their networking gear remotely. 
  • Ruffice | Louella Fraser | Their mission is to create Rural Offices that offer co working spaces in small rural communities. Ruffice will offer options of Plug and work stations and independent offices for weekly, monthly and yearly subscriptions.
  • RubyAnn Stiegelmeier | Northern Soul Chocolates, LLC | Northern Soul Chocolates focuses on storytelling through the medium of chocolate, with the intention of bringing awareness to the rich cultural and natural history of North Dakota. 
  • Rebecca Binstock | Simple Sugar LLC | Simple Sugar LLC is a cotton candy company specializing in locally flavored and locally spun cotton candy.
  • Blooming Baby Ultrasound | Stephanie Thom | Blooming baby is an Elective Ultrasound experience with a focus on making the ultrasound a fun bonding moment for everyone the parents wish to bring.


This program will be led and facilitated by Emerging Prairie. Each cohort member will participate in weekly calls that are guided by CoStarters, a business development program that will help guide the cohort members to grow and strengthen their work. In addition to this weekly content, the cohort will have the opportunity to speak about their work on multiple public platforms, grow their network and PR strategy, and learn from a robust lineup of experienced and local entrepreneurs. 


You can hear more about these founders and the work they are doing on the Emerging Prairie channels throughout the Spring and Summer months.


Read more entrepreneurial news and articles on www.emergingprairie.com.

Jessica Anderson

Jessica is the Marketing and Communications Manager, focusing on social media, content creation, and marketing strategies for Emerging Prairie brands and events, including Emerging Digital Academy, Founders Ecosystem, StartupBREW Fargo and TEDxFargo.