This November, we will gather to celebrate and rejuvenate for the annual Founders Only Retreat. The retreat will allow you to take time to relax in an unplugged environment, build connections with other founders, and allow you to reset your thinking.

The retreat kicks off on Wednesday with an evening gathering and concludes on Friday morning. Throughout these couple of days you’ll get great food, lots of coffee, and meaningful connections. There will be large and small group activities, time to reflect, build relationships, and learn.

The registration cost covers two nights of lodging, five meals, plenty of snacks and coffee, bottomless cookies (a Maplelag specialty), a beautiful setting, and a couple of days of relaxation, inspiration and connection.

In the spirit of the retreat, please remember:

  • Give before you get
  • Confidentiality, Vulnerability and Trust
  • No selling
  • Personal & professional growth mindset
Founders Retreat

Check back soon for more information about our 2020 event.

Please note: This is a 21+ event.

Hear from the founders.


Kodee Furst

Co-Founder of Annie Capital

Founders need the validation of being able to share their stories, challenges, and successes with someone else who understands how valuable just being heard is The Founders Retreat provides a space to connect, unplug, and do just that.

Garrett Moon



Being the founder of a startup is hard. Being around people who not only have practical advice for the challenges you face, but also understand the emotional toll that entrepreneurship can bring, is crucial. The Founders Retreat is a great way to get access to both.