Mike Dragosavich is the founder and CEO of Spotlight Media. Hailing from Chicago, Mike moved to Fargo to attend NDSU.

Since then, he has claimed Fargo as his home and has followed his entrepreneurial path to create Spotlight Media. 

When reflecting on his journey to where he is today, Mike mentioned the ideas he had that inspired him to be an entrepreneur. “I had a journal in college with 100 pages of funny t-shirt designs and I wanted to start a website called Fanny Pack Jack and sell fanny packs all over the world.”

Around 2010, Mike’s college friends began to choose where their next homes would be, many agreeing they were moving away with the claim that there was nothing to do in Fargo. 

“Being from Chicago I was around entertainment more and knew where to find things to do. So I started a VIP card, website called FM Spotlight and a magazine called FM Spotlight solely to prove to my friends “See there are things to do in Fargo” you just need to know how to look!”

Since then, Spotlight Media has evolved to be a magazine publishing and full service marketing firm. When asked what their mission is, Mike responded, “Spotlight is about service – We try to service our community by providing free positive resources and we try to service our community businesses by helping their businesses grow through marketing support.”

Like any business, Spotlight Media had its own set of challenges during the beginning of the pandemic. However, it has served as a launching pad for getting them to where they are now. “The highest and lowest point was when covid first hit – it was the most challenging time in my life but after fighting through the adversity I came out of it stronger than ever and really lead me to the highest point right now!”

If you are looking for ways to support Spotlight Media, Mike shares, “Reach out to us if you need help with advertising, digital, web dev, videography, or other marketing services. Also always let us know great stories that we should be telling in our magazines!”

Spotlight Media can be contacted through their website and social media. 


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Billie Lentz

Billie is a North Dakota native that is attending North Dakota State University to study Agriculture Economics and Business Administration. She is passionate about agriculture, rural economic development, and serving the communities she calls home. She is inspired by the resiliency, diversity, and forward thinking of the FM area and beyond. In her free time, you can find Billie at one of many student organization meetings and events, Bison football games in the front row of the student section, or out with friends getting coffee or exploring other FM businesses.