Emerging Prairie’s own Greg Tehven is known to many in the Fargo-Moorhead area as a master connector of people.  We asked Greg to share with us his thoughts on maximizing impact and value at startup events.  This article is very timely in view of the many great activities happening in the FM area this week.  –Ed.

I love events.  I get excited by them.  I look forward to them.  I also try to maximize the value of them by following a few key tips that you might enjoy. is sold out.  The room will be packed with amazing folks.  Here are a few ways you may create additional value:

0. Do your research.  Spend some time learning about the speakers, hosts, sponsors, and others you think will be there.  Check google news to see if any breaking info has come out. Hardwork on the homework will pay dividends all day long.

Tweet that you are going.  Share on facebook that you are excited.  See who else in your network will be there.  Build some buzz.  Half the fun is the build up to the event.

1. Arrive early.  I like to set up pre-event meetings.  Maybe tee up a coffee with a friend or contact at Atomic at 9:00 a.m. and walk over together.  Great way to start: caffienated and with a friend.

2. Start with a smile.  Imagine that its the best day of your life.  Act like it.  Wear a smile, be open, and see what happens.

3. Connect others.  Sing your friend’s praise to one another.  Building people’s confidence is always good.  Introducing them to interesting people can lead to new opportunities.  Kick off their conversation in a fun way.

4. Take notes.  Make the most out of the content.

5. Stay after.  Get lunch near the event.  Linger for a bit.  Being available for a quick conversation is way better than rushing out the door for a meeting that may have much less value.

6. Follow up.  Send a thank you card to the event hosts.  Connect via email with those you met.  Drop a connection email to folks you introduced so they can follow up.  Post a picture.  Tweet your excitement.

Most of all, the key to it all, is add value to others.  Find ways to be of service.  Helping friends meet people they really want to connect with, sing other’s praise, and be a gracious guest.

It really can be a lot of fun!  What better way to start than with, a sold out event bringing thought leaders to our community.

Lets add some value!

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