Headquartered in Fargo, Heat Transfer Warehouse is a leading wholesale online supplier and distributor of heat transfer materials, with customers located around the world. The full-service company prides itself on its top-tier customer service, top-quality products, and its top-skilled staff, many of whom are long-time employees who began their tenure while attending area schools.


The flexible schedule offered at Heat Transfer Warehouse is a big draw for college students, but what sets Heat Transfer Warehouse apart is the company’s focus on providing its student-aged team members the training needed for careers beyond college. Full-time North Dakota State University student Gunnar Mogck currently manages inventory at Heat Transfer Warehouse, a job during which he’s able to learn new and imperative things he hopes will last as transferrable skills in throughout his professional journey. “Heat Transfer Warehouse offers incredible flexibility for college students. Not asking what you can work, but asking what you would be comfortable working while balancing your school workload. It really makes you realize that Heat Transfer Warehouse values your education.


With North Dakota State University, Minnesota State University Moorhead, Concordia College, and a number of other schools nearby, the Fargo-Moorhead-West Fargo area, especially, is rich in new and exciting talent waiting to given the right opportunity. Heat Transfer Warehouse has capitalized on utilizing that talent pool and, inadvertently, created a company culture that thrives on brand and job loyalty.


Production Artist Ashleigh Jerde represents just one success story of a college-aged employee transitioning into a full-time role post-college. “I feel fortunate because, although I began a new position within the company, it was a smoother transition than finding employment elsewhere. I was already used to the culture, core values, and coworkers, so all I had to focus on was learning a new role. I was able to propose the position I wanted to be in and I was taken seriously.”


Even for those who move on to new and exciting careers in new places, Tricia and Kirk have celebrated how Heat Transfer Warehouse has been part of those team members’ success, like that of 1st Lt USMC Keller Johnson. “When you have a job, you work hard. When you work with a family, you do your very best. Being a part of Heat Transfer Warehouse means being part of a family. That atmosphere and the drive to perform my best for my team are essential skills I get to use every day as part of my new work family, the United States Marine Corps. Heat Transfer Warehouse implements strategies I have found to be successful no matter where you work, including open lines of communication and feedback at all levels of employment. Plus an active devotion to the health and wellbeing of everyone at the workplace. I learned how to be given responsibility and to be challenged, and because of the people and teamwork, it never felt like a job.”

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Scottie Knollin

Scottie is a freelance writer and digital marketing professional working in Fargo, ND.