Emerging Prairie recently caught up with Saurabh Tyagi, CEO and Founder of Medytex.  Medytex is a Fargo based startup that focuses on improving the patient feedback system for clinicians and clinician administrators.  Medytex is a web-based survey solution that uses mobile devices to deliver patient surveys either before or after specific clinical events, ranging from routine checkups to surgeries.   The surveys are meant to be simple and can be customized to the clinician’s needs.

The idea for Medytex developed during the first Startup Weekend Fargo event held in Fargo.  Tyagi, CEO, was a member of a team that built a survey solution for the restaurant industry ( his team ended up winning first place). Other members of the team went on to pursue their individual ventures and Tyagi decided to develop a survey system targeted towards the healthcare industry.

According to Tyagi, Medytex is a “uniquely efficient patient feedback system”. Patients are able to answer the questions by selecting easy to read icons available in different languages. On the back-end, clinic administrators can customize questions and view the survey answers and comments.  Medytex also provides real-time analytics, allowing administrators to view feedback  and track overall patient satisfaction on a hospital, department, and individual clinician level.

Tyagi says the goal is to provide an overall better level of care, which leads to less patients re-admissions, reducing overall healthcare costs.  By polling patients in real-time, clinicians get a better understanding of how to improve their delivery of care and administrators can track clinician performance and patient satisfaction.  In addition, Tyagi adds ” Our patient survey is an initiative to go green by being paperless. It is also more cost effective for providers.”  Tyagi hopes to put an end to paper-based, snail mail delivered patient satisfaction surveys.

To learn more about Medytex at www.medytex.com



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