What is innovation and how can we foster innovation in ourselves as well as our workplace? Dr. David wells_david_01Wells, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Professor has an answer. With 26 years of experience and having mentored over 312 students through two unique courses at North Dakota State University, Dr. Wells has watched and learned. As with all ventures, there has been success and failures but through the entire process themes and consistencies have begun to emerge. We are absolutely over the moon that Dr. Wells has agreed to become a guest writer for Emerging Prairie and share his magnitude of knowledge regarding innovation. Continue reading to learn more about Dr. Wells and be sure to check back for his first guest article which is coming very soon.

What topics will you be focusing on in your writing?

Innovation; how to lead innovation; workforce implications

Where is home for you?

Fargo has been home for 16 years (and it feels like ‘home’)  —  born in Pennsylvania; grew up in California and worked there for a spell; also lived and worked in Ohio, Missouri and Michigan  —  I’m somewhat of a recovering Californian.  Have visited all 50 states and all of the cities larger than Fargo that are worth visiting  —  have earned money on 5 continents  —  like living in Fargo.

What brought you to Fargo, ND? 

Professorship at NDSU

What is your personal or professional BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)?

A transformation of the university learning experience to integrate student innovation into the mainstream.

On a scale of non-techie to tech guru, where do you fall?

I am very much at home in product realization technologies (the making of new things in new ways).  In information technologies, I am a user of many of those elements that help in product innovation.  I am a zilch in social media (can’t find the value).  Haven’t written code for a software program in half a century.

What is your role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem?

A mentor.

When you’re taking time for you, what’s your go-to? 

I am a history buff  —  primary eras of interest:  the violent century (20th); Revolutionary America; 12th to 17th century England.

What’s your favorite hidden gem that you’ve discovered so far in Fargo?

A toss-up:  F-M Symphony and F-M Ballet Company

How did you first connect with Emerging Prairie?

The first (I think) Startup Drinks.  I thought that if this group could attract and mobilize all of those smart people, it had to fun to be around.

What is the best way to connect with or get into contact with you?

david.l.wells@ndsu.edu or wellsoffargo@gmail.com

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