Mike Vetter, President and Chief Technology Officer for DataSync Corporation, is using technology to make a difference in the sales and marketing industry.

“I am driven by my faith in the Lord and have a passion for making a difference in the world. I choose to make a difference through my knowledge of technology and the sales industry,” Vetter shared.mike-150x150

As a college student at Dakota State University in Madison, South Dakota, Mike’s entrepreneur story began in his parent’s basement. “I have always had jobs that I have created. I learned the ropes of business by starting an information technology company, Vetter Solutions, in my parent’s basement…and I don’t plan to go back,” explained Vetter. Mike started Vetter Solutions to offer technology support and solutions for companies, but Vetter found a reoccurring trend that was negatively impacting company after company.

Mike’s experience led him to see, “the problem for these companies was in advice and education of how to use purchased software. Employees simply could not operate software that was purchased because of a lack of knowledge or assistance. I began thinking about how to help companies select software tools for their business and educating them so that they could gain a competitive advantage in their industry.”

Mike sold Vetter Solutions in his twenties and used this observation and passion for making a difference in the world with technology to start DataSync Corporation in 2010. Vetter shared that DataSync, “set out to solve the problem of companies getting lost in the search and use of tools to use for their business.”

After 6 years refining this business model, Mike and DataSync are now changing the way companies address sales and marketing. “Sales is no longer as easy as picking up the phone, smile, and dial. Nowadays, it includes databases, programs, product lines, social media, and other changing demands to gain an advantage in sales.”

At DataSync Corporation, the product is not a newly crafted sales software, program or pitch, it is a, “toolbox of technology aimed at providing a company with proven software solutions for increasing their marketing and sales,” described Mike. He continued, “DataSync is not like a Home-Depot offering a large variety of tools, we offer vetted software tools that companies can use with confidence in their sales and marketing process.”

“Our ultimate goal at DataSync is to serve, help and assist our customers in order to create a lasting value for all involved,” Vetter shared. An example of this lasting value took place with Sioux Steel, a company selling grain storage products based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. A few years ago, DataSync assisted Sioux Steel with a software solution which assisted in increasing sales. Recently, because of the changing landscape of sales in their industry, Sioux Steel reached out again to DataSync to revisit their need to build revenue through sales and marketing. This time DataSync assisted them with another software solution that included these components to reach new clients and increase sales. Vetter explained, “the victory for DataSync is building a relationship with a company to help and assist them. Our relationship with Sioux Steel goes beyond a product offering, it is seen in the lasting value brought to Sioux Steel, farmers, our employees, and our investors.”

Mike Vetter concluded, “I truly believe that when you are waking up every day choosing to make a difference in the world through your business, then you will bring value that will outlast the growth of your bottom line profit. That’s why I wake up every day and work for DataSync assisting companies that need proven tools to increase sales.”


Brent McNeal