Casey McCullough, of Razor Tracking, plans to highlight the story of the company’s past, present, and future at 1 Million Cups Fargo on September 11. Join him at the Island Park Stage at 9:15 a.m.

Meet Casey

Casey McCullough, Vice President of Business Development at Razor Tracking, received his college degree from Minnesota State University of Moorhead. He started his first company in his spare bedroom with a 6-month-old baby on his lap. Once, Casey played basketball with Randy Moss and his friends while he was supposed to be selling gym memberships!

About Razor Tracking

Razor Tracking, founded by Casey McCullough, Eric Mauch, and a small group of investors in 2012, provides any organizations with logistical issues, while operating a fleet of vehicles or large assets, a cloud-based GPS tracking system that helps maximize efficiencies, decreases overall management stress, and tracks assets from anywhere with an internet connection. They offer this system to anyone in the United States and Canada. Razor Tracking originated from a struggling GPS tracking project that Casey and Eric were brought on board to consult. Through various meetings, they realized the GPS tracking project needed to be rebuilt from scratch. Casey said, “Through market research, we found the great need within the Agronomy area to Maximize vehicle and employee performances within their short seasonal windows. We also found heavy needs in many other industries like oil, construction, buses, trucks, trailers, you name it! Companies have things moving all over, at a rapid pace in large numbers. It’s difficult to manage.” Eventually, they turned this need into Razor Tracking and now have a mission to “Advance our customers’ operations by empowering our team to provide a seamless technology experience.” Casey is excited to go to work every day because “We get to create the future on a daily basis. It’s a marvelous thing to hear what a client needs to succeed, whether it exists or not. Then see it come to life in real-time!

Razor Tracking’s various founders make it unique because each founder has started other companies in many different industries like trucking, electrical contractors, insurance, promotional marketing, and consulting. Through Razor Tracking’s years of existence, it has acquired market leader in the United States for Ag Logistics Software.

Event Details

Casey plans to focus on where Razor Tracking came from, where they are now, and where they want to go at 1 Million Cups Fargo on Wednesday, September 11. Casey is looking forward to speaking at 1 Million Cups Fargo because it “is a room full of fresh ideas and feedback for improvements from like-minded folks.” Not only does he think it’s important to speak at an event like 1 Million Cups he reminds others it’s also essential to hear stories that other entrepreneurs and like-minded people tell. To hear more about Razor Tracking and it’s past, present, and future attend Casey’s talk on September 11.

1 Million Cups Fargo is located at The Stage at Island Park and takes place each Wednesday morning from 9:15 a.m. – 10:15 a.m. If you would like to learn more about Razor Tracking visit their website. To follow along with their efforts, like their Facebook page, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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