About Matt

Matt Paulson is the founder and CEO of MarketBeat. Matt was born and raised in South Dakota, which is where he currently resides. He has been connected to Fargo’s entrepreneurial ecosystem for the last several years. Recently, Matt launched a venture capital fund, with North Dakota as its focus. Since launching the venture capital fund, Matt has been spending more time in North Dakota. 


About MarketBeat

MarketBeat is a financial media business. It empowers “individual investors to make better trading decisions with real-time financial data, in-depth analysis, and best-in-class stock research tools.”


MarketBeat has grown at a rapid rate. It has been recognized by Barron’s, Entrepreneur, Financial Times, Forbes, and Inc. for its growth as well as success. MarketBeat has nearly three million email subscribers, making it the largest digital media company in the Dakotas.


As Matt reflects on the highs and lows of MarketBeat, he explains that MarketBeat has had several low points. Some of these low points include a lawsuit, revenue declines, and a phone call with the Securities and Exchange Commission.


While MarketBeat has endured some low points, they have persevered and have had many successes. Matt states, “MarketBeat’s high point is its slow and steady march toward success. After being incorporated for fourteen years, the company has hit $25 million in top-line revenue with just 13 employees and no venture capital investment.”


When asked how the community can support Matt and MarketBeat, Matt explains, “We are looking to expand our digital marketing team and are actively searching for search engine optimization (SEO) and conversion optimization (CRO) talent.” 

Readers can learn more about Matt by visiting his Website and MarketBeat by visiting their Website, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Tresa Wickenheiser

Tresa is the Marketing Intern for Emerging Prairie. She is currently a Communication Studies major and Marketing minor at MSUM. Tresa is passionate about connecting with others. She is looking forward to learning more about the community that EP is building through technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time at the lake, trying new coffee shops, and hanging out with family and friends.