About Jared

Jared Winmill is co-founder and head of production and sales at Seed & Spore. Jared grew up in Fargo. From the beginning, Jared knew Fargo was an amazing city to start a business. He states, “The network I have cultivated has enabled me to pursue my own entrepreneurial venture, which is why I have stuck around!”


About Seed & Spore

Seed & Spore was founded in November of 2020. Their current facility is located in South Fargo. Currently, Seed & spore serves Bernbaums, Rustica, Luna and Maxwells. They also deliver directly to home cooks in the Fargo-Moorhead area. 


“Seed & Spore provides fresh, local and sustainable produce year-round focusing on gourmet mushrooms and microgreens.”


With every business comes challenges. Jared states that one of the biggest challenges he’s faced in his entrepreneurial journey is, “a hurdle I put into place. We wanted to start an ethical company who pays their employees a living wage and is well taken care of. As a new business, my revenue isn’t at the point where I can justify hiring help quite yet.”


As Jared reflects on his successes, he states, “my first flush of mushrooms is near the top of the list. I jumped into this venture not knowing a single fact about mushroom cultivation.” Jared explains that he will never get tired of dropping off produce at patrons homes. The excitement is what drives Jared’s passion even further. “I can be having a hard day but seeing the joy, talking about food, connecting with the community… it reminds me of why I’m doing this and gives me fuel to keep going.”


When asked how the community can support Jared and Seed & Spore, he states, “ As of now, just tell your friends and maybe place an order with us. I am excited to (eventually) have the time for more community outreach. There’s so much more fungi can do for us than just food!”

Readers can learn more about Seed & Spore by visiting their Website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Tresa Wickenheiser

Tresa is the Marketing Intern for Emerging Prairie. She is currently a Communication Studies major and Marketing minor at MSUM. Tresa is passionate about connecting with others. She is looking forward to learning more about the community that EP is building through technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time at the lake, trying new coffee shops, and hanging out with family and friends.