About Fred

Frederick Edwards Jr. is the founder of Fred’s Dissonance. Fred received his undergraduate degree from North Dakota State University. He recently graduated with his master’s degree in Educational Leadership.


After being hit by a drunk driver in 2018, Fred was determined to find his purpose. This led him to creating a sober space that emphasized vibrance, culture, and a place to connect. Fred is extremely passionate about helping others and motivating them to find their inner greatness. In doing so, “he has spoken to hundreds of college, high school, and middle school students.” 


About Fred’s Dissonance

Fred’s Dissonance is a company dedicated to “promoting intersectionality and equality.” Fred’s Dissonance emphasizes the importance of enlightening and connecting. Through Fred’s Dissonance, the Black and Brown community is given both support and resources to help guide them.


“Our mission is to recognize and uplift the true narrative of Black people across the globe by centering the voices and experiences of Black people. By providing educational cultural events and sober fun activities, we create opportunities for Black and Brown communities to celebrate their uniqueness, embrace their talents, and build their legacy, ultimately leading to success.”


Through a combination of people, events, and conversations, Fred’s Dissonance “emphasizes sustainable success within an inclusive environment that relishes in healing, arts, dreams and aspirations of a thriving Black and Brown community.”

To find more information about Fred’s Dissonance readers can check out their Website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Tresa Wickenheiser

Tresa is the Marketing Intern for Emerging Prairie. She is currently a Communication Studies major and Marketing minor at MSUM. Tresa is passionate about connecting with others. She is looking forward to learning more about the community that EP is building through technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time at the lake, trying new coffee shops, and hanging out with family and friends.