About Frederick

Frederick Robin is a visionary entrepreneur who established Studio FSR in 2016, a pioneering olfacto-musical lifestyle label where he currently serves as Strategic Director. His expertise spans capital and investment management, B2B relations, and creative direction, driving the brand’s success. Alongside his mother, Tina, who oversees day-to-day operations and manufacturing, Frederick leads Studio FSR with a blend of strategic foresight and creative flair. Adding to the familial synergy, his sister Clara contributes her talents as a Candle Artisan, crafting exquisite products and sharing her expertise through instructional sessions. Situated within their family’s Endodontic practice, Studio FSR embodies a unique fusion of artistry and entrepreneurial spirit under Frederick’s dynamic leadership.


About Studio FSR

Welcome to Studio FSR, where its origins as a soap company for sensitive-skinned individuals laid the foundation for a remarkable journey. Fueled by Frederick’s musical background and a quest for olfactory originality, Studio FSR has emerged as a leader in olfacto-musical concepts. With collaborative partnerships extending to over 120 businesses in the hospitality, restaurant, and retail sectors nationwide, Studio FSR is dedicated to delivering unique sensory experiences. Throughout the year, you’ll find Studio FSR participating in a variety of regional and national events, workshops, festivals, and fairs, consistently innovating and inspiring through its distinctive fusion of scent and sound.


Tell us about your company and your mission.

“At Studio FSR, we specialize in crafting multi-sensory experiences that amplify shared moments, focusing on scent and sound to enhance emotional connections without artificiality. Catering to individuals, couples, and families seeking meaningful togetherness, our candles serve as the perfect backdrop for various gatherings, from conversations to meals and beyond. With an unwavering commitment to originality, we meticulously create our scents and music in-house, ensuring each product is a unique work of art. As the first and only olfacto-musical brand in Fargo, we pioneer the fusion of original music with original scent using embedded NFC microchips, garnering praise from discerning customers who value handmade craftsmanship and attention to detail. Join us in elevating your sensory experiences and embracing the small yet significant moments in life.”


What are some wins you are celebrating?

“I have won and have been a national finalist for my original music compositions. I’ve also had olfacto-musical works performed and smelled internationally, but for Studio FSR, we’ve established meaningful relationships with over 120 hotels, restaurants, and retail stores across the United States. We are proud to offer our goods at Unglued here in Fargo, alongside many other talented and passionate local artisans. One funny bragging right is that Machine Gun Kelly bought a bottle of our lotion at Unglued when he was performing in Fargo a few years ago!”


What is the most important lesson you’ve learned throughout your entrepreneurial journey?

“The most important lesson I’ve learned has been to keep showing up day in and day out. Some days go really well and are very productive, and others are not. The most important thing is to keep showing up and push through the struggle, as there are far more good days than bad, and even on the bad days, there are happy little moments!”

Studio FSR is officially a part of the Fargo-Moorhead founder family. How can our community support you in your next stage of growth?

“We are striving to be the reference brand of olfacto-musical goods and subtle ambience-builders in the United States. Any connections in the hospitality, restaurant, and curated boutique industry are very valuable to us. We keep our advertising discreet and minimal, so brands who appreciate understated language and attention to detail are our people!”



What are you grateful for today?

“I am so grateful for the supportive community of Fargo, my mother who runs the other half of Studio FSR, and all of our clients and customers who trusted us over the years and helped us take the first step”

Readers can learn more about Frederick Robin and FSR by visiting his LinkedIn page and Facebook page!

Carly Pfennig

Carly Pfennig is from Bismarck, North Dakota currently studying at Minnesota State University of Moorhead for both Communications and Marketing. Carly is very passionate about forming connections within both the community as well as being the helping hand for people in need!