Digital technology provides an opportunity for local business to compete on equal footing. Now the FCC wants to discriminate against local. In this week’s episode of Digital Homesteading, we take a deep dive on the debate around net neutrality and what it means for rural communities. As you’ll learn, this is not the first time optimism around a technology has faced a threat of consolidation. The same happened for telephone, radio, and TV. What’s unique now is that we have the opportunity to do something about it. Click on the YouTube video of today’s episode to learn more.

Prairie Optimism

We think, and hope, that we live in unique times. A time like when my great-great grandparents homesteaded in South Dakota and everyone had an equal opportunity to build something with their hands and a shovel.

Unfortunately, history shows that this hope may be snuffed out.

Unless we seize the potential of this moment to grow business and communities right where we are, the opportunity will move further away.

To defy the waves of history, we need to do two things:

  1. Improve your digital literacy. If you don’t know how to use the open tools available today, you won’t fight to protect them. Listen to today’s episode to learn more.
  2. Tell your political leaders you want an equal opportunity to build your business and community. You can sign this White House petition or call your representatives.

I believe in South Dakota. I believe in building a community or business right where you are. I believe we live in unique times that can contradict the historical trends.

Do you?


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Scott Meyer