About Jared and Amos

Jared and Amos are the co-founders of WeClean, a modern home cleaning service. Amos got his start in entrepreneurship at the young age of 16 and has spent the last 25 years as a serial entrepreneur. Jared on the other hand cannot point to a singular moment that made him want to go the entrepreneurial route, but rather his passion for building things and his friendship with Amos led him to where he is today. The friends got together in 2018 to brainstorm and explore business ideas in hopes of creating opportunities for others. Their persistence led their ideas to evolve and snowball, and as Jared puts it, “we kept going when any sane person would’ve just given up.”


WeClean began as an idea to create jobs and meet the needs of vulnerable people in their community. In the process of testing out different business models to accomplish that goal, they stumbled across a hole in the market – the need for modern home cleaning that cared about people and the planet. WeClean is their attempt to remake an industry plagued by exploitation, creating excellent, high-paying, and flexible jobs, and supporting local nonprofits in every community where they work. Like any startup, they face challenges including days where they feel like everything is stacked against them, but they’ve learned to just keep going. The best days include hearing positive feedback from their professional cleaners on how this job allows them to make ends meet without sacrificing time with their family. They consider it a privilege to build their team and company, and wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.


About WeClean

WeClean is a modern home cleaning service with a heart. They offer high-quality professional home cleaning services and the latest tech-based conveniences such as instant online quotes and online booking, paired with environmentally sustainable cleaning products and ethical, kind treatment of their cleaning professionals. They have created well-paying jobs with flexible hours for local cleaning professionals to give families the freedom to focus on what matters most. They believe that businesses can and should be a force for good in local communities, and this can go far beyond the economic impact. WeClean trusts that we can reshape our communities by showing other local businesses that 5-star service doesn’t mean we have to compromise our treatment of people and the planet. 


 To support WeClean, visit their website to book a cleaning today! If you’d like to support your local community, even more, book a cleaning before May 15 with code “Youthworks25” and they’ll donate $25 to a local nonprofit called Youthworks which helps provide basic needs for struggling young people in Bismarck and Fargo. If your budget doesn’t allow for this kind of service, check out the new Essential Clean subscription – a frequent home cleaning for people on a budget.

 Learn more about WeClean on their website at www.WeCleanLocal.com.  Follow them on Facebook and Instagram @WeCleanLocal.

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