Stephanie is the owner and operator of Blooming Baby Ultrasound located in Fargo. She recently finished her Certification in Phlebotomy at MState in Fergus Falls, and has pursued the entrepreneurial route ever since. She hoped to build a career based on her long-time passion for the pregnancy and delivery process. However, due to the unpredictable schedules surrounding that field of work, she knew she needed to think out of the box. This led her to explore the world of entrepreneurship, which brought her a career she loved along with a schedule she loved just as much.


Before Blooming Baby Ultrasound, Stephanie wrestled with the idea of becoming a doula or a midwife. However, with the birth of her own children her priorities shifted. She realized she needed a schedule for her and her family that was predictable and reliable, something delivery was far from. This led her to Blooming Baby Ultrasound, a place designed to enhance the bonding experience between families and soon-to-be newborns. Blooming Baby recently celebrated its one year anniversary in operation, one of the greatest highs Stephanie’s experienced in her entrepreneurial journey.



Blooming Baby Ultrasound offers families a special bonding opportunity through equipment designed to give a more realistic and interactive view of the baby in the womb. With options such as  2D, 3D, 4D and HD ultrasounds, mothers and families get to experience pregnancy like never before. While moms often form a natural bond with the baby as they feel the baby grow and move, others don’t get to start the bonding process until after the baby is born. Now because of Blooming Baby, family and friends are given the chance to build a deeper bond earlier. Additionally, being able to bring children and extended family along allows for family participation in the pregnancy, making them feel more involved than with the typical experience. Blooming Baby Ultrasound helps new parents and growing families alike experience this exciting time in life in a unique and exciting way.


To help Blooming Baby Ultrasound, consider choosing their services if you find yourself in that time of your life. Also, tell your friends and family about Blooming Baby and the unique services they offer.


To find out more about Blooming Baby Ultrasound, visit their website https://bloomingbabyultrasoundhd.com or follow them on Facebook @bloomingbabyultrasound. 


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