Mike is the Founder and CEO of Spotlight Media based in Downtown Fargo. He attended NDSU for college and later went on to pursue professional football in the NFL. While punting for the Indianapolis Colts, Mike spent much of his off seasons researching potential business ventures for his post-football career.


Shortly after his time in the NFL, Mike returned to Fargo and began to pursue his business dreams. In 2010, Mike founded his publishing company, Spotlight Media. From the beginning, Spotlight specialized in the editorial process, design, distribution, sales, web, mobile platforms, and more. This year they are celebrating their tenth anniversary, running as a full-service agency; assisting clients with everything from web design and video production, to SEO, digital marketing, and photography. One of the greatest experiences in Mike’s professional career was when he finally experienced the feeling of financial security in his company.



Spotlight Media focuses on providing free resources to the community and local businesses to foster a successful environment and economy. They strive to uplift the Fargo-Moorhead community through free, exciting, and impactful resources and services. Spotlight was created to expose Fargo-Moorhead as a great place to live, work, and play, with a goal to make their pursuits serve and support the community. In the emerging digital age, Spotlight found a way to make print magazines successful.


Spotlight is always looking for great stories to tell, advertisers to help keep resources free to the public, and any help in connecting them with companies looking for marketing services.


You can find more about Spotlight at www.spotlightmediafargo.com, follow them on Facebook @spotlightmediand, and on Instagram and Twitter @SpotlightFargo. 


Read more news and articles on entrepreneurship at www.emergingprairie.com.

Jessica Anderson

Jessica is the Event Marketing Intern at Emerging Prairie, focusing on celebrating programs like 1 Million Cups Fargo, TEDxFargo, Possibility Summit, and more.