Jim Manney is the managing director of Click Content Studios, a video production and marketing agency in Downtown Fargo. A lifelong learner, Jim knew he wanted to work in entertainment business from the young age of 12. He shares, “I dreamed of moving to Los Angeles and getting involved in film or music.”  


As he thinks of how Click Content Studios started, Jim explains “We started as video production company at Forum Communications. Our mission was to create more video content for InForum. As we grew we saw the opportunity to serve other  businesses too.”

“At Click we love telling stories. And everyone has a story. Our mission at Click is to create compelling content that tells our clients story, and then strategically  deliver it to their most important audience.”

Click Content Studios serves businesses that want to leverage the power of content to tell their brand story by combining technology, talent, and simplicity

As he reflects on the highs and lows that Click Content Studios has experienced throughout his journey as an entrepreneur, Jim shares “The high point was being able to attend the Hollywood premiere of our film Tankhouse. We finished shooting in October, 2019 and were in the editing process when the pandemic hit. At that point, we had no idea what would happen to the film, so it’s really exciting to see it in theaters and streaming” When he thinks of the low points, only one struggle comes to mind. “One of the biggest challenges is getting people outside the Midwest to take you seriously.”

As he thought of ways our community can support Click Content Studios in their next stage of growth, Jim shared “We would like to bring more film production work to North Dakota. So please support local film festivals and local filmmakers.”

Readers can learn more about Jim on social media as @jimmanney on twitter, instagram, and facebook. To learn more about Click Content Studios, you can visit their website. 


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