Reyna Bergstrom currently serves as Miss North Dakota 2021. With her car as her office, she travels the state often for various engagements. She recently began on the Marketing Team at Sanford Health as a Senior Marketing Specialist for Women’s and Children’s based in Fargo-Moorhead. When she has time, she enjoys doing freelance artist and photography work. A Concordia College graduate, Reyna first became involved with Miss North Dakota Organization as a freshman in college. 

“Having grown up in a household with parents who always encouraged me to try new things, I figured I had nothing to lose, so I signed up for the last local competition of that season. After winning my first local, I learned that I had qualified to compete in the state competition for the job of Miss North Dakota. And while it wasn’t ever something that I had imagined myself doing, I decided to give it a try. That first time at state week in Williston (where the state competition is always held), I quickly became impressed and inspired by the caliber of women who I was competing alongside and the community of volunteers who were also an integral part of the Miss North Dakota Family. I realized that this community was something that I wanted to be a part of for a long time.” 

As Reyna describes her role as a state title holder she shares “I’m able to bring my own talents, interests, and skill set to the job and make the year my own” She has taken the opportunity to be intentional to increase brand awareness for the Miss North Dakota Scholarship Organization, as well as share her artistic talents and photography. Digging deeper, Reyna shares “My “why” behind wanting to be Miss North Dakota is my desire to be a positive role model, especially for young people. This past year I’ve spread the message to students across North Dakota about the importance of relationships and how our true impact happens beyond the screen. I’ve encouraged young people to get off of their devices and have had conversations with them about the importance of healthy social media usage along with recognizing that it’s each of our responsibilities with how we choose to use technology for its intended purpose.” 

“I am immensely proud to be from North Dakota; having a year to give back and represent a state that has provided me with so much has been the opportunity of a lifetime. Beyond this year, I hope to continue to connect and inspire people through my professional work along with my creative ventures.”

The Miss America Scholarship Organization recently celebrated its 100th year, and holds the mission “to prepare great women for the world and to prepare the world for great women.” The organization accomplishes this through the millions of dollars in scholarships that are awarded annually, along with the professional development, performance, networking, and service opportunities that are also provided. This Miss America Scholarship Organization seeks to empower young women across the United States through its awarding of scholarships and by providing professional development opportunities. 

As Reyna reflects on her journey to becoming Miss North Dakota, she shares the struggles she faced to earn the title. “I didn’t win the first time I competed for the job of Miss North Dakota, nor the second or the third. It wasn’t until my fourth and final try that my dream of winning finally became a reality. My third time competing for the job, I placed first runner-up. While a part of me was satisfied, there was another side of me that was devastated. I had prepared to the best of my abilities (or, so I thought) and it wasn’t enough. I gave up on my dream. If it wasn’t for my friends and family who encouraged me to compete one more time, I don’t think I would have gone for it again. It wasn’t until that fourth try that my dedication finally paid off.”

As she reflects on how the community can be involved, Reyna shares “If you know a young woman between the ages of 13-26 who you think could benefit from being involved with the Miss North Dakota Organization, send me a message! I’d love to get her plugged in. Additionally, the Miss ND Org. Is always looking for ways to increase our scholarship packages, so we welcome any monetary donations or ideas of support. As for my life beyond the crown (I pass it on next month!), I love any projects that allow me to flex my creative muscles, so if you have anything in mind, please don’t hesitate to reach out! Painting, photography, along with speaking and writing are all passions that I enjoy pursuing.

You can connect with Reyna on instagram at @missamericand and @reynabergy, Facebook at @missnorthdakota2021 or on LinkedIn. She is also trying her hand at tik tok, which you can join in on the fun with at @reynabergy. You can also visit Reyna’s website or the Miss North Dakota website. 


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Billie Lentz

Billie is a North Dakota native that is attending North Dakota State University to study Agriculture Economics and Business Administration. She is passionate about agriculture, rural economic development, and serving the communities she calls home. She is inspired by the resiliency, diversity, and forward thinking of the FM area and beyond. In her free time, you can find Billie at one of many student organization meetings and events, Bison football games in the front row of the student section, or out with friends getting coffee or exploring other FM businesses.