Emerging Prairie is proud to announce the graduation of our 2022 Black and Women Startup Cohorts. These entrepreneurial courses were designed for underrepresented and underinvested founders to build a community with other founders of similar identity. Ricky Pallay and Laetitia Mizero Hellerud were our Black and Women Startup Cohort facilitators.

The companies and entrepreneurs that make up the 2022 graduating Startup Cohorts include:


Elendu TextileRolland Elendu

Elendu Textile is a textile recycling business who’s mission is to significantly reduce post-consumer textile waste by developing innovative solutions for a seamless textile recycling experience. Support Elendu Textile today by encouraging your friends and family to drop off their used clothes, shoes, bags, belts, hats, stuffed animals, toys, sheets, blankets, towels and undergarments at our facility, instead of throwing them away in the garbage and letting it pollute our environment and water.

Anthony’s IT – Anthony Price

Anthony’s IT is a business that helps customers with securing their data, repairing their tech, and upping their security! Anthony’s entrepreneurial journey is just beginning – so stay tuned for updates!

Pure Pixels MarketingCarrie Kantola

Pure Pixels Marketing partners with small businesses to create a customized marketing strategy, brilliantly branded design, and established relationships with their ideal customers. Support Pure Pixels Marketing today by utilizing their services or telling a friend about Pure Pixels Marketing.

SpadessoJess Azure

Spadesso was built to connect consumers and providers. We help consumers with faster, easier search and booking, while we are a marketing & lead generation source for providers looking to grow their business. Support Spadesso by trying them out and starting your last-minute appointment search and booking with Spadesso!

Starling ArtistryLauren Starling

Lauren Starling is an artist creating interactive and colorful indoor & outdoor murals and public art, as well as teaching painting classes to the public. Through painting, she has found her own sense of peace and self-fulfillment, so she wants to offer the opportunity for others to find that for themselves as well. By creating art, she strives to help create a community that is inspiring, innovative, and unique, and make it a place to visit! Support Starling Artistry today informing Lauren of painting/mural opportunities, or any networking events that have an art-related focus. She is interested in finding grant opportunities as well.

Avocado DoulaAmanda Pieters

Avocado Doula provides birth and postpartum services to families expecting a new baby. The mission of Avocado Doula is: Educate. Empower. Support. As your doula, Amanda will walk alongside you providing targeted physical & emotional support, information, and guidance to help empower your transition into parenthood. Support Avocado Doula today by referring clients and helping the community better understand what a doula is and the role a doula can play.

FM Aerial & Movement ArtsYvette Reyes

FM Aerial & Movement Arts is a performing art studio that specializes in pole and aerial arts. We help connect people to one another and themselves through movement and community. Support FM Aerial & Movement Arts today by liking them on Instagram and TikTok! They are available for classes, group parties, and entertainment for corporate and community events.

MaemarkNicole Mattson

Maemark helps your small business thrive with superior e-commerce and digital marketing services, so that you can earn more revenue with less stress. Maemark is all booked up and looking forward to a great summer – so feel free to follow their success on Facebook!

Amped School of MusicEmily Swedberg

Amped School of Music’s mission is to empower, connect, and celebrate musicians. They offer in-studio and online lessons in piano, guitar, voice, ukulele, violin, drums, bass, viola, and music production. Support Amped School of Music today by booking a lesson and referring your friends!


Please join us in celebrating these local entrepreneurs!

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Madi Simpson

Madi has lived in Fargo most of her life and lives the downtown Fargo dream. She's a #FargoFounder: at age 22, she launched her reworked secondhand apparel business and focused on that for 3 years before retiring the business in December 2021. In her free time, Madi can be found hanging out with her mini poodle Georgie, visiting the local antique shops, or enjoying an iced vanilla latte from one of the downtown cafes!