About Joe

Joe is the founder of Chezy, a video marketing agency located in Fargo. Joe graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead where he played football while balancing a variety of internships and campus clubs. He felt there was more he could do, so he set out to build his own venture during his junior year of college – Advertise Edge. Having worn many hats throughout the years at Advertise Edge, he’s become passionate about serving the community with quality content. However, he was recently faced with a major problem – small businesses with incredible stories to tell couldn’t afford to do so through Advertise Edge. This was unacceptable to Joe; thus, Chezy was born.


In August of 2020, Joe and his team at Advertise Edge recognized that small businesses couldn’t afford the $3k to $15k price tag for video production. So Joe brought everyone together to create a unique approach to marketing. A few short months later, they created Chezy, lowering the cost to under $250 per video. Since then, Chezy has received local and national awards continuing to drive them to give the best to their clients. 


About Chezy

Chezy believes startups and nonprofits have amazing stories to tell. Their mission is to provide a video marketing solution that small organizations can afford with the video quality that large organizations require. Through a unique approach, they produce professional-grade video production, but at a drastically lower price point. Specializing in video production, photography, and social media marketing, Chezy is working to elevate the community one project at a time. 


If you own a small business or know of anyone looking for video production services, consider Chezy for your next project!


You can learn more about Chezy on their website https://chezy.com and follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn


Jessica Anderson

Jessica is the Marketing Coordinator, focusing on social media and content creation for Emerging Prairie brands, including Emerging Digital Academy, StartupBREW Fargo, and TEDxFargo.