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“Chocolate Fixes Everything,” a sign that hangs in the home RubyAnn grew up in, reads; a sign gifted by RubyAnn to her mother. 


RubyAnn Stiegelmeier is the Founder of Northern Soul Chocolate. At the young age of 16, RubyAnna sold her first chocolate truffles and found herself creating a new and exciting way to produce an income while making a difference in her community.  Her widowed mother raised RubyAnn on their family farm. She helped her mother to navigate the business aspect of the misogynistic economics of agriculture. “I consider these early experiences pivotal to my passion of supporting women in agriculture and understanding the worth of their contribution to the North Dakota economy,” states RubyAnn in a written statement. RubyAnn has had many highs; this past spring, the most powerful point of her journey as an entrepreneur was taking part in the women’s cohort through the NICE Center at North Dakota State University (NDSU). The supportive atmosphere propelled RubyAnn through her journey to make a difference in the lives of many.


About Northern Soul Chocolate

The name “Northern Soul Chocolate” comes from RubyAnn’s experience of living several years away from the Great Plains. RubyAnn spent her time away from home in both New Mexico and Scotland. “There’s an extraordinary connection between humans and the earth in this harsh and beautiful climate,” says RubyAnn, “it creates such natural resiliency!” RubyAnn has dedicated the last nine years to designing and curating synesthetic therapeutic experiences as a massage therapist. Her mission is to create a line of subscription boxes as part of an ongoing series of virtual chef’s table events. These events are to reach women in agriculture in their homes with tangible and edible artistic experiences that show them exactly how valuable their time, energy, and spirits are to the community and economy of North Dakota. Northern Soul Chocolate lends a helping hand to women in agriculture by connecting them with resources, information, and the encouragement they need to realize their worth and recoup the value of their time. Join RubyAnn in creating a sweeter world by visiting her website: http://www.northernsoulchocolate.com/, and follow along on her journey by visiting her social media pages:


Check out their Facebook page @Norther.Soul.Chocolates.Dickinson.ND and Instagram @Norther.soul.chocolate!

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Quinn Wrigley

Quinn is the Emerging Prairie Events Intern, engaging in the organization’s entrepreneurial ecosystem community. In addition, she is also a North Dakota native and a student at Concordia studying Political Science and Business.