Growing up I’d always put on a TED talk when I faced a new emotion or wanted to learn about any random topic. I’d grab my horribly cracked iPod, sit on my floor, scroll through YouTube until I found something that looked fitting, then I’d sit there and listen. I remember the first time my seventh grade English teacher put a TED talk up on the SMART board and had our class watch it. It was The Art of Asking. So vividly, I can recall the feeling of joy that ran through my mind. I had been watching these talks for years and now my teacher is using them as examples… “I must be doing something right!” I thought to myself. 


Now here I stand, 20 years old, and able to say that I was part of a relentless team that put on TEDxFargo. My seventh-grade self would think I am so cool, it is such a full circle moment that it gives me chills. TED talks are something that I will always hold close to my heart. These talks have helped me through so many aspects and trivial moments of my life, I’ve realized that fear and uncertainty can be mitigated through learning and understanding. 


The magic that is TEDxFargo is truly undeniable. But it takes an entire community to create that feeling. I serve as the Events Intern at Emerging Prairie, the number one principle that comes to my mind when thinking about all the elements of my work is this: there is no transactional relationship in event planning.  



The TEDx team and I wanted to highlight as many of the local businesses as we could. Through this, I got to meet so manyincredible humans that make up our Fargo entrepreneurial ecosystem. TEDxFargo is fueled by the inspiration that our city craves, it is supported by the community members that willingly come to have their perspective changed, and it is championed by the ideas that are forever worth spreading.


The power of genuine human connection is insane. 


I couldn’t be more appreciative to witness the passionate leadership of Greg Tehven, Hali Christenson, Liz Campbell, and so many others. I am so honored to be part of an organization that puts people first and recognizes the power of an idea.


Here’s to TEDxFargo.

Natalie Lemnus

Natalie is a Valley City native now studying Finance and Marketing at NDSU. She is involved in many different organizations across NDSU and strives to make it a place where everyone feels welcome. Natalie knew she always had a passion for business through innovation and connectivity. She is an adventurous soul who loves to travel, hike, snowboard, and seek some thrill. You can find her in her hammock reading a book or on a walk with dogs!