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Emerging Digital Academy is a coding school based in Fargo,ND created to address the growing need for software development talent in North Dakota. Emerging Digital Academy is an immersive 20-week program that empowers learners to begin their new careers in the technology industry.  This full-time, classroom-based coding school provides small cohort sizes, one-on-one instructor support, weekly presentations by local industry professionals, and project-based learning principles. Students graduate the program with a portfolio of unique and meaningful projects to demonstrate their talents. You can learn more about Emerging Digital Academy at
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Program Goals

  • Understand foundational web technologies
  • Gain familiarity with developer tools (Text Editors, Command Line, Browser Debugging)
  • Build an understanding of basic programming concepts (variables, looping, logic structures)
  • Understand the architecture of the modern web
  • Learn how to build full stack web apps. Full stack means frontend interface in the browser with backend database server design
  • Demonstrate your ability to build fully functional applications
  • Start your portfolio with two projects that show off your skills
  • Network with employers who are hiring programmers

Topics Covered

  • Basic, Intermediate and Advanced JavaScript
  • Command line
  • Source control (git) and package management (npm)
  • jQuery
  • Node.js + Express
  • React
  • Mongo
  • SQL
  • Project Scoping
  • Technology Research
  • Client Presentations


Head over to Emerging Digital Academy's website to learn more about the full-stack course, upcoming events, and what sets us apart from others.

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