Meet Bailey, one of 13 students in the first cohort at Emerging Digital Academy


She grew up right here in Fargo, and graduated from high school in 2017. After graduating, she decided to get her real estate license. She was able to practice for a year before she realized that it wasn’t the fit for her. Throughout that experience, Bailey found a love for everything web design because she spent time that year also honing her skills in WordPress.


Bailey knew that learning how to code would be a great skill to have, but she didn’t know how to approach it. The traditional college experience didn’t appeal to her; so the idea of learning software design and programming sat in the back of her head for quite a long time. When she saw that Emerging Digital Academy (EDA) was launching its first 20-week course, she knew it was the right opportunity for her. 


Why EDA?

“I chose EDA because I simply had a feeling it would be awesome. From the moment I showed interest, I wasn’t bombarded with emails and promos, like a lot of the online courses out there.  Because it’s in Fargo, it gave me a sense of sincerity that you also don’t find online. I knew there would be real people and real students. When we had our interviews with the instructors, they were so personable and welcoming. It just felt right!” shared Bailey.


For her, the most interesting part of the program has been the vast array of content that is covered. At just 5 weeks in, she said she had already learned so much. Bailey stated that she’s been enjoying the challenge and felt that she has the ability to pick up the topics rather quickly. 


By the end of the program, she is hoping to have a solid knowledge base on full-stack coding that can help her improve her website building, and get a full-time job afterwards. When all is said and done, she is hoping to stay in the area to pursue a career at one of the local branches of Microsoft or Perficient.


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