Emerging Prairie is excited to welcome Cameron to the team! Cameron joins us as the Partners Relations Intern for Grand Farm, where he will help assist with implementing and maintaining a customer relationship management system, along with building and maintaining relationships with Grand Farm’s partners.


Cameron is from Richfield, Minnesota. He grew up playing Football, Baseball, and Hockey, while also playing a fair share of video games. He plans to take his love of sports and video games to pursue a career in the esports industry in hopes of creating his very own startup organization. He is graduating from NDSU in December and is majoring in Strategic Communications with a minor in Entrepreneurship. Cameron is very excited to get started with his new role at Grand Farm and is excited to gain valuable insight and knowledge on improving relation strategies and other business related topics.


Read more below about why Cameron is excited to be on the team.



Tell us a little bit about you! 

I grew up in Richfield Minnesota which is a suburb that is right next to Minneapolis and lived with my Mom, Dad, and my older Sister. What brought me to the FM area was wanting to explore/experience a new area outside the Twin Cities and to also be a part of the rapid growth this area is experiencing.


What college did/do you attend? What was/is your major?

I attend North Dakota State University and will graduate in December of 2022. I’m majoring in Strategic Communication with a focus in Public Relations along with a minor in Entrepreneurship.


What’s one activity that energizes you?

What energizes me is being able to assist in innovation in a multitude of different topics. Whether that may be creating a business plan, building relations, or creating strategies for creative projects. I love being a part of the process to help achieve long term success!


If you could take a 30 day, all expense paid vacation, where or how would you spend your time?

I would go to Scotland and road trip all the way to London. I would plan a route that would allow me to explore as many notable cities In the UK as I can along with staying at a multitude of 5 star hotels and resorts.


Do you have a favorite book or movie?

Favorite books would either be Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. Favorite movie would have to be the Star Wars series.


What’s your favorite part about living in the FM area? What’s your favorite hidden gem that Fargo has to offer?

Favorite part would have to be the energy that the downtown area provides along with how nice everybody is.


Tell us one random fact about yourself!

I built my first computer when I was in 8th grade.


Why are you excited to work for Emerging Prairie?

I’m excited to help build relations with Grand Farms partners as well as being a part of innovative strategies and gaining experience and knowledge for my future endeavors.

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Tresa Wickenheiser

Tresa is the Marketing Intern for Emerging Prairie. She is currently a Communication Studies major and Marketing minor at MSUM. Tresa is passionate about connecting with others. She is looking forward to learning more about the community that EP is building through technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time at the lake, trying new coffee shops, and hanging out with family and friends.