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Earlier this year, Fargo hosted the Intelligent InSites’ BUILD conference which emphasized the stark need for a technology reform in the healthcare industry. But even before that, Fargo local Saurabh Tyagi was building Medytex – a startup that seeks to provide efficient ways for patients to give feedback to their providers.

Startup Weekend 2013 2

The winners of Startup Weekend 2013

Medytex was founded after Tyagi won Fargo’s first Startup Weekend in March 2013. Since then he has been featured on our blog multiple times, presented his work at 1 Million Cups, presented at the Tech Cocktail Celebrate Conference in Las Vegas. Most recently, he was featured in an article on Tech Cocktail, which gave high praise to Tyagi’s work.

“The initial edge that Medytex has over other competitors is the fact that healthcare providers don’t have to wait months to get a patient’s feedback.” writes reporter Will Schmidt in the article. He concludes stating that, “Medytex is well positioned for the future of the healthcare feedback industry.”

Where is Medytex now? They are working within North Dakota State University’s Technology Incubator, putting the final touches on the platform, and continuing to look for funding for the product.

To read more about Tyagi and Medytex, check out our interview we held last year with him here.

Photos courtesy of Medytex.

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