mobiletechmeetupThe second official monthly meetup for mobile technology is this Wednesday, March 26, from 5:30-6:30pm.

After a successful first encounter, the original Mobile Tech Meetup participants decided to make Studio 222 their home for all future meetups unless otherwise noted.

This month’s topic is wearables, so if you’ve been curious about Google Glass or are fascinated by touch screen watches, be sure to attend this event.

What is the Fargo Mobile Tech Meetup? It’s a casual gathering of people interested in mobile technology, from those who make it their living to those who are simply interested in learning about new trends. Technological competence is absolutely not required. Members of the Myriad Mobile team are often in attendance to explain more complex ideas to attendees who have less experience in the tech realm, and everyone involved is interested in making new social connections.

Last month’s meetup was oriented toward a discussion of iBeacons, Bluetooth-enabled locator applications that can also serve as near-field payment systems. Imagine paying for something in a store using only your phone, your wallet never leaving that back pocket or purse. Two iOS software engineers from Myriad Mobile, Brandon Kobilansky and Nathan Nesiba, explained the definition and function of iBeacons and then provided an onsite demonstration. Following the discussion, all meetup members had the opportunity to grab a drink at a downtown bar with the other participants.

To attend this month’s discussion of wearables, let the organizers you are going by registering here, and follow any event happenings with #fargomtm on Twitter.

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