Deeip Sengar is the Founder and President of FoodLynk, a technology platform built to, “Create purposeful linkages to reduce food waste and use it to feed the needy.” Deeip got his Masters in Business Administration from the Indian Institute of Management and his degree in Program Management from the University of British Columbia. Deeip found great success in his early entrepreneur years, but had to move on due to the 2008 financial crisis. He thought he had seen the highs and lows of entrepreneurship during that time, but the creation of FoodLynk taught him to redefine his measures of success. Today he believes the most rewarding part of entrepreneurship is, “The ability to create an impact on the masses, especially at the bottom of the pyramid.” Currently, Deeip wears two hats; one as a full time employee at Microsoft, and the other as a weekend entrepreneur.


FoodLynk began when Deeip’s kids noticed the abundance of food waste being produced. They began working together offline to connect food donors with shelters. However, they quickly realized the process could be done more efficiently online. Today, FoodLynk continues to be the connecting source between donors and recipients through their app, giving new life to what would’ve been wasted food. With the creation of their app, the organization has grown considerably allowing them to broaden their reach internationally, producing pilots in Singapore and India. 




FoodLynk’s primary objective is to help the needy get quality cooked meals through a process that reduces food waste. They’ve established their app as their main network and communication source to make the process smooth and efficient. On the app, there are three personas you can choose from: Donor, Volunteer, and Recipient. When food is available at the end of the day, the donor will indicate so on the app. From there, all volunteers in that area get notified. The first volunteer to accept the task collects and delivers the food to the recipient in that area. This not only helps the shelters in need, but also reduces the donor’s carbon footprint. FoodLynk can be used anywhere with an established ecosystem of donors, volunteers, and recipients. They hope to continue growing their platform and look forward to seeing the impact of their efforts. 


FoodLynk is currently looking out for Chapter Leads, typically volunteers, who will establish the ecosystem in their own community. 


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