Spoiler alert: it’s incredibly affordable. 


Emerging Digital Academy

Emerging Digital Academy is North Dakota’s only immersive coding bootcamp. It’s flagship program, the Full Stack Engineering Course, takes students through 20-weeks of an intensive, hands-on curriculum that mirrors on-the-job training. Thus, their students graduate with the knowledge they need to succeed in an entry-level Software Engineering position. Emerging Digital Academy is powered by Emerging Prairie.


 In operation since April of 2020, they’ve already seen incredible success. 20 students have already graduated from cohorts ‘Ada’ and ‘Babbage’, with the 13-strong ‘Conway’ cohort on the path to joining them, and ‘Djikstra’ beginning shortly after. With a 92% placement rate, and a 136% increase in salary post-graduation, the program is really making a difference in student’s lives.


Affordable for All

A common concern amongst potential students is the cost of tuition: $15,000, with a $500 down payment. That’s a big price tag, but let’s break down why that shouldn’t scare you.


Scholarships & Aid 

Our incredible partners and sponsors are constantly making scholarships and financial aid available to our students. A point of pride – every single student in our latest cohort, ‘Conway’, received a scholarship in some capacity. In addition, we’re proud to offer discounts for veterans who apply for our program. 


Income Share Agreement

Each cohort has a limited number of Income Share Agreement (ISA) slots available to students who are not eligible for traditional financing. The agreement is simple – students agree to pay back a portion of their income post-graduation for a fixed period of time, with no added interest, and only after they are placed in a job earning a salary above a specific threshold. This experimental program nearly eliminates all financial barriers, and makes our program available to people of all backgrounds. 


Bank of North Dakota – CEAL Program

The first program of its kind in the entire country, the Bank of North Dakota’s Career Education and Alternative Learning (CEAL) program offers loans for North Dakota residents (and prospective residents) pursuing career education through alternative learning programs and certifications. This program essentially allows students to receive university-level funding to attend our program. The funds received through CEAL are also able to be used for cost of living, which makes this program stand-out amongst others. Emerging Digital Academy is the only program currently approved to access CEAL funding. 


Pay-As-You-Go & Self-Financing

Students are also free to work with their own financing institution to evaluate personal loans, which comes with a $500 discount for up-front payment. There are also financing opportunities available through NerdWallet and Climb Credit.


And there you have it! Financing has literally never been easier and more affordable. It’s one of the hallmarks of the program. A few things to remember…

  • Applying to our program will always be free. You do not need to have financing secured to apply.
  • Applying does not make you committed. Once you apply, you are able to select any future cohort to attend, or none at all.
  • You have time! Financing takes a few weeks and the EDA team is flexible.

Andrew Parsons

Andrew is the Marketing Manager at Emerging Prairie. He has a heavy focus on social media, email marketing, and content creation.