Can you believe that She Starts Week is happening in two weeks? We have been so excited for this week to come that we had to interview Emma McIntyre, one of the organizers for the week-long initiative, to get the full scoop on all things SSW’22.


Let’s start with the basics. What is She Starts week?

“She Starts Week is a free week of events curated specifically for current and potential female founders with a growth mindset. Fun fact: we are open to male attendees as well! Our events are open to all- whether you’re in the idea phase or growth phase, our hope is to provide a no-fluff-stuff approach to the ins and outs of starting a business (and keeping it alive!). All of the events are hosted by volunteers that so graciously give their time back to Fargo start-up community.”


Can you tell me about some of the events that local female entrepreneurs are hosting?

“This year‘s events focus heavily on money and marketing. We’re incredibly grateful to have a solid split of returning and new speakers to talk about things like Pricing, TikTok Marketing, ND Financial Resources – you name it! We’re lucky to have some really stellar thought leaders to help us participate in the week.”


So, this isn’t your first time being involved in SSW. What’s your favorite part about the week-long event?

“Oh my goodness, I think it’s fair to say that I am obsessed with the energy of She Starts Week. There is so much potential for us to empower great women to scale their businesses by surrounding them with people and education that will move them forward, faster. Additionally, I’m also just so grateful for the event hosts that agree to give back to the ecosystem by sharing their knowledge and time- This event is a visual representation of how women can and should show up for each other.”



What’s the easiest way to stay up to date with She Starts Week?

“The easiest way to stay up-to-date on SheStartsWeek events is to tune in on our Facebook page! This is where we will post all sessions, and live stream all events. Also check out our Instagram!”



How can the Fargo-Moorhead community support She Starts Week and the team’s work?

“Because we are community-organized, promotion is huge for us! If you know of anybody that’s interested in starting a business or has already started a business, please share She Starts Week with them! There is such a beauty in connecting those who have experience with those who are just prepping to get off the ground.”



You heard it here first, folks. She Starts Week will be held September 12th-16th, with free events open to ALL genders and ages. Check out the She Starts Week website, Eventbrite, Facebook, and Instagram here. See you at the Prairie Den!

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