About Paul

Paul Gambill is co-founder and CEO of Nori. Paul grew up in Phoenix, Arizona. He calls himself a “child of the desert.” Growing up, he fantasized living by the water and after finishing graduate school, he ended up in Seattle, Washington. 


About Nori

Nori is a carbon removal marketplace. We’re trying to reverse climate change, by restoring the atmospheric carbon dioxide balance back to what it was before the industrial revolution.” 


Paul explains that Nori connects people who are removing CO2 from the air, with buyers who want to pay for that carbon to become “carbon neutral or even carbon negative.” Nori is building a global commodities market for carbon so that everyone in the world can “look to a reference price for carbon.” Nori’s suppliers are farmers, who adopt regenerative practices, who then sell that carbon to buyers. 


As Paul reflects on the high and low points of his entrepreneurial journey, he states, “We went 18 straight months at Nori having only 1-2 months of runway. Several times we got down to less than $10,000 in the bank. My number one job as CEO is make sure we never run out of cash, and those were pretty harrowing moments.”


Paul shares that, “The day that we got our term sheet for our seed round was an enormous relief. From that point on, we’ve felt so much more secure.” While fundraising has never been easy for Paul, he feels extremely proud of being able to bring in the resources needed to grow Nori. 


When asked how the community can support Paul and Nori, Paul states, “Follow our podcasts at https://nori.com/podcasts and join our Discord community at https://nori.com/token.” 



Readers can learn more about Paul and Nori by visiting their Website, Facebook, and Twitter

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