Nick Hawkins is a Co-Founder and Director of Dynasty Elite Athletics. He attended Northland CTC / Grambling State University and chose to pursue the entrepreneurial route in April of 2021. 

Upon moving back to Fargo in March 2021, the thought crossed Nick’s mind of building an Elite Competitive Travel Youth Football program. “It has always been competitive hockey, baseball, & basketball so why not football? Our surrounding states (Minnesota/South Dakota/Montana) offer these opportunities why not us?” And now that they’ve expanded from 2 teams (3-4th, 5-6th grades) to 4 teams (4-5th, 6th, 7th, 8th grades) Nick shares they are so excited to provide cheer through Ms Chelsea Hermanson of North Dakota Elite Dance. “We’re taking pride in building our program “Thee Program” into a sustainable one that will continue to lead/ guide our youth to excel in the classrooms and garner National accolades through competing on the field.”

“Our dedication is to educate, equip, inspire, and empower our youth in a way they will learn life lessons through team sports. Through our programs (Football & Cheer), we will assist in the growth of character, health, integrity, and sister/brotherhood!”

Dynasty Elite Athletics serves youth ages 9-13 years of age or grades 4th-8th who are open to being a part of a program that is built on the standards and core values of: Effort – Intensity – Accountability – Encouragement!

“Our “why” is to provide a challenging yet competitive environment surrounded by coaches & support staff that strives to P.O.U.R (Provide. Offer. Uplift. Rebulid) the compete scholar-athletes. We don’t promise wins. We guarantee character building, sportsmanship, discipline, true learning of the sport, leadership, mental toughness, brotherhood, and all of the intangibles, that creat young athletes who win!”

As he reflects on the past year of developing Dynasty Elite Athletics, Nick thinks of his high and low moments, sharing “High Points are seeing the growth & development of Student-athletes on/off the field. The overall improvement of confidence, grit, and social skills.  Low points are securing stable-long term resources (field usage/practice location/sponsor/partnership opportunities).”

He then shares how he envisions the community supporting them in the next stage of growth  “Being a 501c3 non profit organization, we’re seeking sponsor/partnerships to help provide kids in need scholarships to play, expenses for equipment, and travel expenses along with a stable practice/game location.”

To learn more about Dynasty Elite Athletics, you can visit their website or email

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Billie Lentz

Billie is a North Dakota native that is attending North Dakota State University to study Agriculture Economics and Business Administration. She is passionate about agriculture, rural economic development, and serving the communities she calls home. She is inspired by the resiliency, diversity, and forward thinking of the FM area and beyond. In her free time, you can find Billie at one of many student organization meetings and events, Bison football games in the front row of the student section, or out with friends getting coffee or exploring other FM businesses.